An act of vandalism

An act of vandalism was reported to the NOPD on the 6th of April, 2009. Officer Mark P. Deazel proceeded to respond to the call of Jim P. Dupuis at St. Louise Cemetery 1. Around 6:45 PM, Dupuis claims to be walking around the cemetery with his friends when he witnessed a heavyset gentleman spray painting black X’s on the tomb of one Marie Laveau. The tomb in question is located around the Basin Street entrance. He described the suspect as a man “in his mid to late twenties, weighing approximately 250 to 300 pounds.

” The man was also carrying a backpack and was in green shorts and white t-shirt. The witness states that he called the authorities, but the suspect fled before the police arrived. Investigation The vandalized tomb bears the following marks: In terms of location, one of the lines is located above, while the other is located to the left, with both locations relative to the door of the tomb. Both lines were painted in black color. In terms of size, the line above the door measures 14. 5 inches, while the line to the left of the door measures 37 inches.

Contrary to the description of the witness, inspection of the scene of the incident revealed that the vandalism was two random lines. It was also discovered through the investigation that the suspect escaped by passing tomb #112, leaping over Conti Street wall, and departing on foot. Evidence Several items were recovered at the crime scene. The items are as follows: one can of black aerosol paint, two 1mg tablets of Xanax, a bottle Absinth spirits or liquor (23. 67 ounces), and two bottles of Florida water (4 ounces).

The items are being stored at 400 Poydras Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70130. Findings Evidence analysis shows that there were no fibers or fingerprints discovered (whether latent or partial) from the Xanax tablets, bottle of Absinth spirits or liquor, and bottles of Florida water. However, the can of black aerosol paint was found to bear fingerprints which were matched to James Seizman of Waterford MI. Seizman has a record of criminal activity as noted in Offender Tracking System (OTIS).

James George Seizman is a parolee who violated his parole supervision conditions which indicate that parolees must not engage in any behavior that constitutes a violation. Seizman previously served his sentence from the offenses of possession of firearms by felon and felony firearms. In line with this, Michigan resident Jeanine Marcus, manager of Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop (Bar), identified Seizman and reported to the authorities. Officers Mark Deazel and Patricia Ragsdale responded to the scene. Officer Ragsdale approached the suspect and asked if he was James Seizman.

He confirmed, and an arrest was made without incident. On Seizman’s person were the following items: cigarettes, zippo, billfold, and $80 cash. No contraband or weapons were also found in the suspect.


NOPD No. 24-37792-3. Witness details, witness account or statement, Suspect sketch, Site map, and Tomb details. NOPD No. 24-37792-3. Images of markings, Measurements of Markings, and Escape route. NOPD No. 24-37792-3. Evidence data, Evidence count, and Evidence sample images Evidence Video. Sergeant Says section