The Amish, Society and Culture

Roles within the Amish community are largely based on gender. Males provide leadership within the community. Though status in Australian cultural is what you provide for the community and the amount of income you earn. Depending on the job for example a doctor and a check out chick, the doctor has a higher role in the community because he saves life’s rather than a check out chick that sells clothes. There are a hierarchy of leadership in the Amish community. Church bishops are normally the leaders of the community; they are responsible for enforcing the rules and conducting ceremonies, such as baptisms and burials. Then comes the church ministers and deacons.

Both of them form a ‘council of elders ‘. When an Amish child turns into a certain age, they’ll need to get baptised, that’s their last period of freedom before they accept the responsibilities of adulthood of the Amish church. Amish community allow adolescent Amish the choice to experience the world of “English “(Non Amish), so they can experience both cultures, known as rumschpringes. The Amish Community follow a particular ordnung (is a set of rules that Amish people follow). In the roles in my family the parents are the providers and look after the children. Many roles are decided by status and how you help provide the community as an individual. Conflict, Cooperation and Decision – Making

Amish society depends on cooperation. Accepting the ordnung, the Amish accept a set of values. The most outstanding example of the cooperative nature of the Amish community is the practice of barn rising. The entire community help build a barn on the property of an Amish Member. The women prepare a community meal for the noon break, and the children play games or act as runners for the men.

The Amish cannot completely avoid the modernisation and the media. This is a conflict to Amish society and how American television has reported on accusations of child abuse within the Amish community. Amish people are relatively not affected by media because they, but they still have to national laws, and interaction with government welfare agencies. People in the Amish community may need interaction with modern technology because of their Jobs. Some Amish people establish million dollar businesses, and to have the source of income they are required to interact with the modern world. If an Amish are found that they have broken their baptismal vows, Church members can choose to shun them. This means that’s they are not allowed to interact with any other Amish or participate indaily routines.

Though the people that are shunned is believed to be very small. Australian culture helps each other in many different ways and how they interact with each other. My parents have conflicts over technology and how we have disagreements over how I like to go out with my friends out of school. Instead of” shunning “someone, a problem is usually solved on the day or immediately after. Age also affects the personal perception of the way we see different things. A young child playing games find that it is fun and is harmless to themselves as for an adult they see that a young child playing games is bad for the child’s health. This causes a minor conflict between the two and the differences they have. Gender

Gender roles are defined by the sex. Males are normally the leaders of the community. People in the Amish society chose not to challenge the stereotype of Male provider and the female homemaker. Though modernisation can impact on traditional gender roles in the Amish society. Generally the farms are passed onto males, and females are force to accept their role to marry and become a farmwife.

With the successfulness of women working in businesses, women’s are being valued in the Amish communities for their business abilities. There are three Amish sisters that run a successful pie shop for nearly thirty years, and they only employ women and they are accepted because their success benefits the community. If this continues, the traditional Amish culture may change and the model image of a typical Amish woman will be shaped into something different thus changing continuity in the Amish community. Gender inequalities still exist in Australia despite the challenge of gender roles in the past 40 years. Women or men can be the provider of the family. Gender is pretty significant in the Australian culture because it keeps family together and shows the dominance of a specific role people play in the Australian society. Communication

Communication is based around the family. Communication within the family is not exposed to media but is revolved around the family and community activities and with the people they interact with. Church activities provide many opportunities for community to interact and communicate with each other. The Amish are multilingual (meaning they speak more than one language). Their language differs depending on the situation. At church it is normal for the bible to be read in High German, while conversational purposes are spoken in Pennsylvanian German or Dutch. Children learn English by the time they read year 1 and are speaking to a Non Amish the conversation would be in English. Every Australian background is different so Australians are also multilingual.

I as an individual speak Vietnamese to my parents but for conversational purposes I speak English. Australia as being a multicultural country has a large diversity of languages that make Australia different. We also communicate through the media and are broadly exposed to the internet which affects the way we interact with others. Australians all have a different style of communicating with other people. Our style depends on a lot of things; where we’re from, how and where we are brought up, our education background, our age, and it also depends on our gender. Males normally communicate through straightforward, simple and short conversations whereas women tend to try and conversate with long and detailed conversations. Power, Authority and Influence

The Amish see the bible as the most significant source of power and authority in their community. Bishops have an important role in the community, as they are linked to the ordnung as well as to god. The unofficial council of elders holds effective authority within an Amish community. The life of an Amish is based on public activities and is rarely to ever be challenged. In an Amish family, the male is the head of the family. The father of the family is expected to provide the food and have a stable income to help the children. With family passing down their farm and businesses, this shows that males are more of a powerful figure than women.

Leaders in the community are expected to help the community but never to stand in the way. The ordnung is the unwritten set of rules that guide everyday Amish Life. In Australia everyone has relatively the same power; the government system puts the Australian society into place and the roles we play within the community. Though police have higher authority than Australian citizens, because they play an important role in the community which is to protect the citizens of Australia. My father is in charge of my family and has power over the household. I look up to my father and he becomes my role model for the future.