American society today

For this assignment I have been asked to write a short report on the structure of the society of Britain today, which includes information on class, culture and racial differences this information will then be compared with the American society today using the same information. There are many factors in our lives that can affect our mental, physical health and well being. Some can have a bigger bearing than others but all contribute small amounts to our state of health.

Social class, in my opinion is one of the biggest factors on our state of health. Social class involves grouping the people in Britain by using there jobs or status in there jobs: 1. Higher managerial & professional – executives, lawyers, doctors 2. Lower managerial & professional – teachers, Middle managers 3. Intermediate – clerks & bank workers 4. Small employers & own account workers – painters & decorators, small manufacturers 5. Lower supervisory & technical – builders, joiners 6. Semi routine occupations – unskilled labouring

7. Routine occupations – assembly lines 8. Never worked & long-term unemployed. I think that this can affect your health as it can affect what kind of education and health services you receive in two ways. 1. You can not pay for better health care or education meaning that illnesses may develop more often or take longer to be cured (waiting lists). 2. The staff who are treating you may be in a different social class making them think that you are beneath them therefore resulting in poor healthcare and education.

Age can also be a deciding factor in your health. As you may be discriminated against because of your age, this can also happen with race, sex, religion and disability. These are the most common factors that are discriminated against. Having the factors discriminated against can lead the sufferer to depression even suicide it can also make the persons work at school suffer in they are discriminated against in school.

But these factors can have a positive influence in your life, if you are surrounded by the same race, religion age or sex as you. You will not feel discriminated and your life will seem normal. Family and friends are mostly a positive factor in your life which means that they can improve your health, if you are ill or depressed they can also help with education by helping you with work or talking to the school or college. Unfortunately they can be a negative factor in your health and education.

If you are being abused by a family member then this will affect your physical and mental health, while your education can suffer if you fall out with friends who then bully you this can lead to distraction fro work and sliding grades. Geographical location and housing will, I think, affect mostly your physical health as the weather conditions or state of the house you live in are what will reall affect your health. They can also be positive factors in you live in a luxury house this could boost your physical health.

Advertising can play a curtail part in our mental and physical health. The smoking adverts and drinking adverts encourage us to drink and smoke more that we already do. Theses activates defiantly affect your health as smoking can cause cancer ect. And drinking can cause kidney damage ect. Some adverts do have a positive affect on our health. Such as stop smoking campaigns or wear your seat belt, these type of adverts can help save our lives. The 1991 Census showed a population which included three million people from minority ethnic groups, 5.5% of the population.

The largest minority ethnic groups are Indian, black Caribbean, and Pakistani. In 1991 nearly half of Britain's minority ethnic population had been born in the UK. The Census figures may leave out some people of mixed ethnic parentage (some of whom may identify as "black other") – the PSI found that 39% of children with a Caribbean mother or father had a white other parent. People born in Ireland make up 1. 5% of the population – 4. 5% including their children. The British Jewish community is estimated as 285,000.