American Secret Society

If you’ve ever had the feeling that wealthy and successful investors have access to better investment choices… you’re right. They do. Most typical investors are lucky to make 10% to 12% a year using conventional vehicles, like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. And, if the truth were told to individual investors, the numbers wouldn’t look nearly this good. Long-term studies of actual mutual-fund investors typically show average gains of around 5% per year. Millionaire investors would never settle for these returns, especially considering the risk of buying stocks (which are expensive) and inflation (which erodes the value of bonds).

So… how do the rich grow richer, while the rest of us chase hot stock picks and buy into lousy mutual funds? It won’t surprise you to learn that most of their strategies focus on making deals where they literally can’t lose… One thing wealthy investors often do, for example, is buy a private company… own it for a few months… pay themselves a big dividend or two… and then sell it to the public on the stock exchange. The wealthy private investors double their money in a few months – without ever risking a nickel.

Of course, taking a private business public is just the beginning. Rich investors use a smorgasbord of tricks to ensure they end up in can’t-lose situations that will double, triple… or even multiply by tenfold… their capital. I’m talking about private equity… venture capital… spin-offs… debt convertibles… bridge lending… leveraged buyouts… etc. I wrote this report to show you how you can get in on these same deals – on equal terms – for free. How is that possible? Simple: All you’ve got to do is “join” the secret investment societies that America’s wealthiest investors have formed.

How do you join? That’s the best part. They’re not allowed to keep you out, even if you only have a few hundred dollars to invest. They are required by law to treat you with exactly the same care and respect as they afford the billionaires whose interests they also serve. It is very difficult to forecast how much money you can make as a “member” of these secret investment societies. But I can predict with great confidence that you will make more money in these investments than anything else you buy – by far. Looking at historical results, it isn’t unusual to make 1,000% in a few years.

And you should turn $1,000 into more than $1 million over the long term. By the way, I wouldn’t blame you for dismissing this proposition out of hand. Why in the world would the richest investors allow you to participate in their deals? And even if you could get in, why would they let you participate for free? Well… that’s why I wrote this research report. The answers are all inside. In short, you’ll learn the full details on what I call America’s Secret Investment Societies. These groups are little-known syndicates, or “holding companies,” run by some of the richest men in America.

They take advantage of spin-offs, private equity… and many of the other unique investment strategies I just mentioned. And they make a fortune doing it. Because of the way these societies operate, they are required to register with the U.S. government, pursuant to Section 15-D of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. This allows you to buy directly into these secret societies simply by investing in their equity, which trades publicly, like a regular stock, on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Real people, just like you and me, are getting rich thanks to these secret societies, every single day. If you are interested in making more money on your investments, you simply have no better way to do it. As you’ll see, you’ll pay no club membership fees. You’ll attend no meetings. In fact, you never have to leave home – because you can become a shareholder in these secret societies right on the NYSE. The benefits of “joining” are extraordinary:

l One of the secret investment societies I’m going to tell you about helped some everyday Americans make 1,736% gains since the beginning of 2003. l Another secret investment society I’ll tell you about has helped its members make 850% gains since the beginning of 2003. l And yet another secret investment society I’ll detail has helped some Americans make 884% gain since the beginning of 2000. The oldest and best-known of these societies is Berkshire Hathaway, which as I’m sure you now, is the holding company run by legendary investor Warren Buffett and his partner, Charlie Munger.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Berkshire Hathaway has business operations all over the country, particularly in Pasadena, California, where Charlie Munger runs one of Berkshire’s largest subsidiaries, Wesco Financial. Buffett and Munger’s holding company has literally made millionaires out of hundreds of investors. On average, if you had started investing with them in the 1960s, you would have made more than 360,000% in gains – more than 55-times what the stock market could have made you. But they’ve been so successful over the past few decades that Berkshire is no longer the secret it was 40 years ago, and its shares have become quite expensive.

The good news is, in this report, I’ll detail five secret investment societies that are still unknown to 99% of investors. First, I’ll go into in-depth detail about my favorite group right now. Then, I’ll tell you about four other organizations you should consider. Finally, I’ll explain exactly which groups I recommend taking ownership in now. Let’s get started with my favorite of these secret societies.