American Revolution Essay

The late 1770’s and throughout the 1780’s were often referred to as a crucial period of time. This period of time consisted of several different events and unfair acts. The American Revolution being one of the events, it was a sudden and violent disruption throughout the end of the 18th century during which all of the thirteen colonies in North America came together to split apart from the British Empire, then joining to form the United States of America. After this war the thirteen colonies split apart going separate ways, pursuing different goals such as taxation, slavery, and representation in the legislature.

Some people disliked taxation because it reminded them of the taxation in Britain and others thought it was essential to pay off the nation’s debt. After the split of the thirteen colonies, many were for slavery and many went against it. Small states wanted the representation to be equal while large states wanted representation to be population wise. The American Revolution had shaken much of the United States’ economy. Series of events had occurred such as the debt of the United States being one of the major causes of the economies downfall.

The reason they went in debt was because America had borrowed money from Spain and France in order to equip their militants for the war, but then they did not have the money to pay the countries back. Slavery was also another big factor as to why the economy had fallen. Slavery played a big role in the economy because it presented free labor. The farmers then could harvest their crops much rapidly due to the help of the slaves although the New England region wanted to eliminate and abolish slavery because it was atrocious and cruel. Since the slaves were helping the economy the south refused and stated that they must be kept.

The economy is very weak at this point, to show its weakness the farmers revolted in Massachusetts taking over government buildings. This was known as Shays’ Rebellion. This is where the Articles of Confederation played a big role. For the farmers to be able to do all this madness showed how frail the Articles had been. The Articles of Confederation established a firm league of friendship among the States. The Congress was unicameral made up of delegates. Basically what would happen was every year the congress would choose one of its members as its president.

Each state had a vote in the congress no matter the wealth or population of the state. The Articles recognized no executive or judicial branches; everything would then be handled by the congress as a whole. The congress did not have the ability to stop the madness since the country had initially been in appalling form, although as a result to the rebellion it called for the consideration of a new constitution. Rhode Island, a small state apart of the New England region had five concerns. Three of which were seen as major concerns and the remaining two being minor meaning the state could still live without the concern being appealed to.

Rhode Island states that there shouldn’t be any independent executive branches in the government because it could cause monarchy. They believe that everything should be taken care of by the legislative branch. They also believe that all the states should have equal say in the legislative branch. Lastly, the new government must be provided with sturdy powers in order to be able to control international trade and to make improvements within. Trade was a big thing for Rhode Island. Trade is important, according to economic theory it reduces the marginal cost of production.

When two colonies trade, not only would they have access to more products in the market, but they also allocate resources appropriately according to absolute and comparative advantages that support trade. Taxation for Rhode Island was very important but yet seen as a minor concern. They believed that the taxes should be based on every states population because for example, it wouldn’t be fair for such a small population to give the same amount of taxation as Virginia, and the slaves should be considered a full person when it comes to the taxable population.

A small concern that Rhode Island has is that Fugitive slaves shouldn’t exist and the slaves that escape off to Rhode Island shouldn’t have to return to their owners in the Southern states. It is important to have a myriad of races in the colonies to not only bringing strength in numbers, but to also fight against the segregation of their own people. It is against their very foundation and constitution to separate Americans according to superficial and shallow distinctions. In order to fix the government, all the states must become one strong centralized government.

They must unite together and become one. In conclusion, our country is in deep chaos and trouble. Our economy is going through a turbulent downfall, we still have slavery in some parts of our nation, and we have no army. To solve all these major problems within our nation; the state of Rhode Island believes that there shouldn’t be any independent executive branches in the government because it could then cause monarchies and then it should be taken care of by the legislative branch.

All states need to represent equally in the legislative branch in order for us to have an equal and fair government. The new government should be able to control international trade and domestically within the country. All states have to agree to each others terms and conditions. Some conditions might have to be dropped and some might slide through. If all the colonies do so it will solve the countries dreadful condition.