American Government Research Paper: Election Issues

They would want to lead and as such to elect one of their own to lead them The other effect on social economic habit according to research is religion. There seems to be and indeed there is a war between the Muslims converts and Christians. The Christians have strong attachment with Jews the archenemies of the Muslim community in the world. So a candidate with close relationship or association with the Muslims may not be voted in the presidency office by the Christians. The party which is supposed to sponsor him/her must have a clean historical background record about his/her religious background.

However, a strong and brilliant candidate, able to marry the two main religions cleverly might win votes from the members of both religions. See the chart shows the voting percentages in USA in general elections. Importance The importance of such differences in voting serves as a reminder to the candidate to be elected so that he may be able to counter such opposition in the future politics by either being liberal or trying to meet their grievances. Such challenges also are useful to the government in question, in order to come up with policies that can accommodate the interests of such disagreeing social groups.

In part two research resulted with the following findings : the so called, the intellectuals affect the voting habits in the sense that like the other groups mentioned in part one, would want their interest met –represented. Mark you, this group forms the core of a country it produces the resourceful personnel in the society and if not handled with care, institutes like hospitals, schools, universities and colleges will crumble. So they make sure that they advise the mass: the need to vote in so and so and which party has the suitable policies of the time.

Sin-Ming Shaw- project syndicate (2008) on religion: said that ` in any civilized society, ignorant is not illegal, and being moralistic is anybodies inherent privilege. But what is alarming is how private religious beliefs and morals have increasingly shaped the secular agenda of America`. So this is a group that cannot be ignored. The importance of having this group is to see to it that the government uses professionals to run its departments. It also trains and maintains strong foundations of the institutions ran by the government.

Another group that also contributes to the voting habits is that of nationalist and politicians. This is a group of people capable of painting black into white. Their main concern is to sway voters to their side. They are aligned to certain parties. Such are very vocal, convincing and dare some. Quite a number of them maraud from state to another selling their candidates and their parties to the electorate. The ability to pull people to vote for particular candidates depends on the influence and the popularity of a politician or nationalist in a certain state.

The importance of having these people is that; on listening to them the voters can make up their minds on the presidential candidate to vote in and which policies according to the way they have been sold to them would be suitable for them. However, the finest words and polices preached in the in the streets and publicly gathering may not be fulfilled to the letter `added several voters interviewed on the fulfillment of the promises made by politician`. Nowadays, due to this disappointment of unfulfilled promises quite a big number of voters go to the polls undecided. This is likely produce results which hither to are not expected.