Ameraican with disabilitity act

It is vivid to a number of people that disability is not a disease and the will for one to be disabled. Statistics shows that there are many people living all over the world who are disabled. The love and blossom for such people is widely drawn from the person who surrounds them. They real requires great care and attention from all those they come across and those the usually interact with. Apart from the normal personal attention and care, these people have the desire to achieve certain goals in their live like any other elite.

This can only be achieved by the provision of equitable or even better environments and opportunities to such individuals. Through motivations and encouragement of their involvement in the today daily activities, some of the people with disabilities have performed marvelously and achieved greater heights which even many physically fit elites have not been able to achieve. However, it is surprising that in many countries, both developed and developing state, there are significant barriers which hamper these people with disabilities from realizing their goals.

People with disabilities are normally not given the opportunity to have full participation in all aspects of the society. In order to practice full democdracy to all citizens, most states have in the recent past decades of years realized the need to include in their constitution laws which govern and protect the minorities and those with disabilities. This has been pushed forward to its amicable point of view by the lobby groups and human rights organization.

Although, at the beginning, there were only a few number of laws which were put in place, to day we have thousands them which are relative and in respective way to the growing enormous number of the lobby and human rights groups. Some of the laws are constituted nationally while others are internationally applicable. (Leach, 1995) America is one of the states with a greater numbers of people with disabilities. Being a very large part of the world, it was ranked fourth in the year 2000. Statistical data from research of the mid 90s showed that there is a great percentage of African Americans with disabilities.

Further results indicated that there was also a measurable percentage of disabled Hispanics in America. So, the provision of laws protection the disabled were of major importance. This was highly necessitated by the disparities which existed since time immemorial. This came up to the mind of prominent men who came up with a comprehensive document. Such documented laws were basically crucial in the elimination of many barriers posed to the people with disabilities. This document contained the policies which gave hope to the crippled and disabled.

The American with disability act formed the core in solving major problems which arose from the cultural diversities. This was really to play a main role in removing the barriers language and communication, attitudes and other shortages for each individual with disabilities. Such shortages which included the provision of services like medical care and advancement of the supportive necessities like education. (Cox, 2000) The American with disabilities act has contributed in the linkage of the disabled with the non- disabled people.

Through its enactment where by people with disabilities are given the opportunity of employment in any institutional organizations, it has created the system to link those people in the different family backgrounds with each other. Several disabled people are participating in the major development of the states through their contribution on economic activities which they were once not allowed or were obstructed by the others. However, the act has not been rooted well especially on its implementation part.

Although, its aims and base are clear, the implementation of the act has not seen disabled people through their grief. This is why many people in the United States are still crying for liberation. (Gostin, 1993) There are high unemployment rates of person with disabilities in the American states. Analysis shows that there are disparities basically on cultural back grounds. It is approximated that 71. 2 % of the unemployed are from the community of Africans Americans, while 25 % is from the Hispanic community. This disparities are eminently affiliated to factors such discrimination.

It is said that people with disabilities are still being experiencing difficulties due to discrimination. Depending on the racial factors and consideration, people with disabilities from different cultural diversity and back grounds may nowadays experience as much as twice the discrimination experienced by the physically fit individuals in the minority communities. As much as the people do not change their attitudes toward skin color, it seems it will be all in vain in making efforts to give the equitable opportunities to the unprivileged and the disabled people.

More and more problems arise when it comes to the distribution rehabilitation services. It is clear that the rehabilitation services must be extended to all those with disabilities impartially. However, this is not practiced according to the code addressed in the act. The minority disabled people have been treated indifferently from those of the major groups. Due to the same kind of ideology, there are inadequate transportation and housing facilities for the disadvantaged communities. This intensifies the situation as many people are likely to suffer from much other kind of ailments.

This will then in turn contributes to more new born ones. So the realization of the full impact of the act may not be accrued if the case continues in such a rate. The major surprises are those where by the act does not define well the mainstream of job coaching, training and internships. The provision of the act to have the minority with disabilities to participate in such opportunities will enable them to realize their goals in the economic world. To solve the issues of people with disabilities therefore does not lie entirely on the American with disabilities act.

It is paramount for the different communities’ as well religious leaders and other organization to alleviate the discrimination of people by race. By understanding the cultural differences, individuals and other organizations that designing the different cultural activities may easily achieve the needs of the minority persons with disabilities. (Berry, 1994) In order for this act to have its full impact, first let the public be made aware by learning about the issues of the disabled.

This will call for the campaigns to create the awareness of these issues and in the near future, people will have changed their attitudes. Cultural policies and cultural diversity are two intimate subjects which needs to prudently drawn. Then the greatest challenge which remains to be core to success of disability act and cultural diversity underlie the person ideas. The creation of disability act which is exercised in a diversified cultural society requires the removal of diversity in line with race and ethnic groups.

The discrimination of people on line with racial and tribal groups undermines the social cohesion not only for the non –disabled people but also to a greater extend to those who are disabled. The force of an act is thus marred by other factors which are directly and indirectly linked to it; hence the American with disabilities act being a coherent and well drawn one has impacted little due to the communities’ perception of the people towards the minority disabled people.

It then remain as a challenge for the authorities to formulate techniques which will have the issues of the disabled checked for the betterment of their lives. (Gostin, 1993) Reference: Berry, M. (1994): A History of Constitutional Racism in America: Penguin Press. Cox, T. (2000): Cultural Diversity in Organizations. Berret-Koehler Publishers Inc. Gostin, L. (1993). Implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act: Rights and Responsibilities of All Americans: P. H. Brookes Publishing. Co. Leach, J. (1995): A Practical Guide to Working