Alcohol law Research Paper

Complete all three parts of the worksheet below. Be sure to cite all sources in APA format, including using in-text citations and reference page citations in the spaces provided. The writing should be in Standard English and complete sentences. The sources noted in this worksheet should be related to your “big idea,” which is the basis of your final project in this course. Save this document to your computer, and submit it through the Unit 4 dropbox, per the instructions in the classroom under Unit 4’s Project Description. Part I: Pre-Interview Worksheet Directions: Complete each section of the Pre-Interview Worksheet below.

Although students are not required to conduct an interview as research for the final project, the process of thinking about potential questions and responses related to the final project topic will help stimulate further ideas and questions related to conducting relevant and reliable research. Of course, you may also decide to interview the person discussed here or another appropriate subject and use the material in your upcoming projects as a primary source. Interviewer Name Insert your name; Ruth Interviewee Name Insert name of interviewee; M. D chief of police, Alonzo Jay King,Jr. Interview Method phone.

Note how you will conduct the interview (e. g. , email, in-person, phone, instant messaging) Interview Location If interviewing in person, where will it be conducted? At work Have you seen the location yet? No Not applicable x Interviewee Research Using complete sentences, describe the information you have found about the interviewee. Also, discuss why you have selected this person to interview. Include an in-text citation if you use information from a source (e. g. , website). The information i found out are the total number of young people dying each year under the influence of alcohol as of 2014(NIAAA,2013).

The laws that been enforces on convicted drunk driver that have repeated the same offense while still in college. (MADD,2014). The age of legal drinking should be change and its should be lower than 21. (speak up). Interview Topic Research Using complete sentences, discuss any information you already know or research you have found about the interview topic. Be sure to cite any information taken from sources. The interviewee states college drunk driving should be address and controlled, to ensure the safety of others. One of the incident my interviewee talk about, was referring the former president G.

Bush, in december of 1966 at the age of 20 he was arrested for disorderly conduct after he and some friends had a few beers and stole a christmas wreath from a hotel(Hutheld J H,1999). Another disorderly conduct is when he was visiting his parents in Washington DC, he takes his brother with him at the age of 16 to drink and on the way home Former President Bush lost control of his car and ran over a trash can, but keep on driving till he get home, even though the trash can was making loud noise. When his father called him to talk about his behavior, and he get angry and asked him “do you want to go mano-a mano with me”.

These are the impact of drinking and under the influence of alcohol. (Hutheld,J H 1999). Primary Questions List a minimum of three open questions and three closed questions you would ask the interviewee. The three open and close questions are as follow: 1,What strategy can i use to talk to my kids about drinking and driving? 2,States one law that has being enforce recently on college convicted drunk drivers? 3,Can drunk driving in colleges and high school be preventable.

4,Would most adults/ parents be aware about there kids drinking habit and don’t do anything to stop them. 5,How hard can it be for college s  tudent to change their ways of socializing and partying without being drunk. 6,How many people die each year under the age of 21 and being under the influence of alcohol? Reasoning Behind Asking These Questions Describe your reasoning behind this line of questioning. The reasoning behind these questions is to implement ways and prevent the risk of college drunk driving. 1,As a mother of four kids i want to know when and what strategies to use when i need to emphasize on the risk of underage drinking.

2,One best law enforced is the ignition interlock, am happy about this laws because it is a breath taking device ignition system, That means when a drunk driver wishes to start the engine they must first breath into the the device. 3, I think drunk driving can be preventable 100% if parent can be involve in their child life or with more strict laws. 4, yes, i think so because some parents are convicted drunk driver that have commit the same offense multiple times, and these type of parent do not check on their kids. 5,For college student to change their ways of socializing and partying can be done but how i don’t know.

6, There are many young people dying under the influence of alcohol and what are the approach taking to prevent this issues. Anticipated Responses to Questions Discuss how you think the interviewee might respond to the questions; consider body language that might be seen I anticipate the interviewee will respond seriously and address the issues of drunk drinking more effectively,because he is the chief of police for the state of Maryland. He has being handling many cases regarding alcohol. His body language will show professionalism, i think he will be well dress in black suit and purple shirt, and a purple tie.

I think he will be sitting in a upright position, facing towards the interviewer. He will maintain eye contact and his facial expression will be serious as he emphasize on the points. I think there will be hand movement as he emphasize his point more effectively. Secondary Questions List three questions that you intend to ask if there is time or if the interviewee seems open to more questions. 1, Educational classes or programs start at middle school instead of high school and colleges? 2,Should student be expel from school if they are under the influence of alcohol?

3, Can the interlock device been install in all new cars ignition to prevent people from getting killed or injured by a drunk driver? References for Part I If you used in-text citations for research in the above Pre-Interview Worksheet, provide the full APA citation here for the source. Hutheld, JH 1999, fortunate son: George w. Bush and the making of an American President new york city, retrieve from; Soft skull press. ISBN-1-887/28-50-1 national. Lowering legal age/ speak up, 2012. Position paper lowering drinking age. Retrieve from: http//:www. speak up coalition. org.

Madd drunk driving / underage drinking, 2014. retrieve from Http://www. MADD. org NIAAA/underage/drunk driving, alcohol abuse,publications/AA6712013. Retrieve from: http//:www. pubs. niaaa. nih. gov. [Please scroll down for Part II of the Project. ] Part II: Three Secondary Sources Directions: Now provide information about three secondary sources related to your final project topic. You are not necessarily required to use these sources in the final project, though the sources noted below should be reliable and relevant as potential sources to support your thesis statement’s argument.

Use complete sentences and paragraph format to summarize the information you intend to use from the source, assess the credibility and significance of the source, and reflect on how you will use the information to support or counter your argument. One of the sources noted below should clearly oppose your stance on your topic. Source 1: Summarize, assess, and reflect on the source. Summarize, assess, and reflect on the source. Today college drunk driving has become the ritual, many see it as the way to be cool or part of higher education experience .

The survey revealed that 14% of college students report that they have consume 10 or more drinks at the same time and others revealed 5 or more drink at the same time. (NIAAA,2014)Alcohol consumption among college student is an important issue that should be address effectively. Each year 5000 life of our future leader ‘s lost as a result of under age drinking, and this number includes; 1,900 death from motor vehicle crashes,1,600 as a result of homicides, 300 from suicide, as well as hundred from other injuries. When we assess these number and the risk it is unbelievable. (NIAAA,2013).

The credibility of the source is reliable and i believed it will help me with my project. My mother always say to be successful, you have to be determine, and focus. Sometimes things may not go your way you want it to be; but if you determine you can achieved your goal and make a difference in your life. I believe i can write better if i try, in order for me to do so i have to focus, read more and make time to practice. This source will definitely help me to obtained information to support my argument. It will also help to states the consequences of alcohol and driving drunk.

To get fact of how dangerous it is to drive drunk and how to be safe. Source 2: Summarize, assess, and reflect on the source. Since 1930’s the legal drinking age in the united states has been set at 21. Many states thinks the legal drinking age should be set at 18-20, because others are deprived from the ability to be able to buy their own drinks and enjoyed themselves. (speak up, 2012). They think when they are drunk they feel socially skilled and wonderful impulsive, others thinks is fun and its help them to avoid shyness and bond with new people.

Student who have being under strict supervision of their parents intend to consume more alcohol until they get wasted. The important issue is to get college student to make better decision. (speak up,2012). The credibility of this source is ok but i do not think is reliable for others but for me it is. When i decided to re-enter college again, i hope i will be successful this time. I see my writing skills as an obstacles to my success. As a mother of four i want to be able to reached my dream, i want my kids to be able to passivere and achieve their goal.

Writing this paper i am sure that this source help me to support my argument help me to provide the fact that will interest the audience. This source will help me to retrieve the risk factor of the life of college student, and others. College drinking and under age drinking . Lowering the legal age solution and despite the legal age law. Source 3: Summarize, assess, and reflect on the source. Today American take 233million trips in cars each year. some are under the influence of alcohol, and every hour some is killed by a drunk driver. and many are injured in a minutes.

College drinking habit is a nightmare, victims or families killed by a drunk driver advocates a lifeline of 61,000 victims. (Madd,2013). The result are overwhelming especially when the victim is your family member, or love ones. Student who drink are more likely to die in a car crash, get pregnant, flunk school,be sexually assaulted and become an alcoholic later in life and take their own life through suicide. (Madd,2014). The new law in place since 2012 is the interlock device, it is a breath taking device that linked to the ignition system, and when the driver blood alcohol is high the engine will not start.

(Madd,2012). I think this device will save lives. The accessibility of this source is great and i believed its will help me through my project . Writing is one of my weaknesses and as i progress on my career as a medical assistant, i realize writing is very essential to my career. Every spear time i had i will try to read books magazines and the news paper in order to improve my writing and i believed one day i will be a good writer. Madd will help me to provide statistics that will back up my point and answer to the question that will interest the audience .

It will enable me to states facts of a grieving family who lost their love one by a drunk driver , or the consequences when under the influence of alcohol suffer. How would the interlock device help save life. [Please scroll down for Part III of the Project. ] Part III: References Directions: Use the next page to create a references page for the sources cited in Part II above. Create full citations for each source in APA format, order the citations alphabetically, and use a hanging indent.

Hutheld, JH 1999, fortunate son: George w. Bush and the making of an American President new york city, retrieve from; Soft skull press. ISBN-1-887/28-50-1 national. Lowering legal age/ speak up, 2012. Position paper lowering drinking age. Retrieve from: http//:www. speak up coalition. org. Madd drunk driving/ underage driving 2014. Retrieve from Http://www. MADD. org NIAAA/underage/drunk driving, alcohol abuse,publications/AA6712013. Retrieve from: http//:www. pubs. niaaa. nih. gov.