Airlines Safety

Airline safety is a comprehensive term that covers a lot of areas ranging from flight failures to terrorism. The FAA and aviation authorities are regularly updating air safety regulations to maintain the safety of airlines and passengers. However the issue of airline safety is not as simple as it seems; because airline operation is a very complex process that consists of cooperation of hundreds of people at a time.

At any one time; a simple mistake by one person can lead to a fatal accident. According to a report of NASA; airline accidents takes place due to the following six factors: flight crew delay, breakdown in CRM, Distraction, Misset Altitude, Preselect, Misinterpretation of data, Forgetting clearance, problematic procedures and an additional issue is terrorism threat and rumour.

Source: http://asrs. arc. htm Despite the hype of terrorism issue; looking at the data, the truth is that one third of the contributing factors of air incidents were due to flight crew ( delay ); 32 percent were CRM issue (crew resource management); while the remaining issues were minor compared to these two areas. The recent ban on gel and liquids and other minor items in during air travel created a lot of problem for passengers.

Even though the possibility of having any real threat from gel and liquid is very minor; but in a time where media is over possessed by imaginary threats; governments around the world are taking no chance and sometime has to move whimsical level of check and control. A meeting of NTSB has mentioned that it’s the fuel tank safety can improve the aircraft safety. The truth is that over the years air travel has become much safer not due to only safety regulation, but technological innovation aircraft and design and engineering have aided in safe travel in the 21st century.

There is no single issue that is responsible for airlines safety; air safety is a controversial issue and will continue to be a debatable issue for a long time like many other issues of our times.


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