Against illegal immigrants

The issue of illegal migration into the United States has been a topic of discussion over the past decade by the congress. The majority of illegal immigrants sneaking into the United States are the Hispanic community, which makes up highest number of the immigrants population. The economy in the United States is a flourishing one and perhaps this is the reason why people flock into the country. Most people aspire to go to the land of opportunity and this act as a motivating factor to use illegal channels to get there.

The United States government spends a lot of money trying to prevent illegal immigration and therefore, reduce their numbers. The intensive effort applied to guard the borders especially the Mexican Border is evident of the government’s commitment to stop illegal immigration. Similarly, the US government invests a lot of money on modern technology, which it uses to track down immigrants in the country. The INS is the major agency that deals with deportation of illegal immigrant back to their countries.

An illegal immigrant is a person who crosses a country’s border without proper documentation or using other ways that are against immigration laws of a country. It may also take the form of extending visits after a visa has expired. While it is a fact that illegal immigrants provide cheap labour and contribute to tax revenue in terms of social security, income tax and so on, there are negative factors associated to it. This paper looks at some arguments against illegal immigration The first reason why illegal immigration should be prevented is that it compromises the security of a country.

The lax law enforcement at the border of Mexico and US ensures that terrorists take advantage of the porous border and get into the country illegally. The September 11 attack rings a bell to all Americans and the issue of illegal immigrants’ changes from merely protecting economic status but rather protecting national security. (Against illegal immigration) Secondly, most illegal immigrants are usually poor people who get into the US in search of greener pastures. The belief is that they will get better jobs.

This is not always true, as they tend to get low paying menial jobs. Due to this reason, coupled with the fact that they have high birth rates and low-incomes mean that, they have to engage in other activities to supplement their mediocre pay. The result is increased crime rate, drug dealing and prostitution (Camarota, A. S) In addition high immigration rates strain the few resources that are used to give welfare allowances to poor population, housing facilities within a country. Specifically they strain financial education facilities and social security.

What this implies is that a poverty vicious cycle is created since the poor families cant access quantity education that is the key to realizing upward social mobility. This means that the immigrant continues to wallow in poverty bring down a country’s GDP and quality of life. Due to high immigration rates into the United Hospitals staff increasingly being unable to cope with the numbers. This is because the number immigration is increasing at an alarming rate as compared to the number of medical practitioners produced. As a result, poor services delivery occurs

The presence of illegal immigrants into the US has the negative impact of reducing the wage and salary level for the poor American workers. This is because they are usually unskilled and desperate yet many. The effect of this is that they are unable to compete in the American economy and capitalists take advantage of this to utilize cheap labor. (Buchanan, Pat) The disadvantages of illegal immigrants are real and the government needs to ensure that the problem is controlled.

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