How does IT affect Computerized Crime Reporting?

Information technology deals with computer-based information systems, its study, design and implementation. Its uses are wide ranging in businesses and office to police departments and crime reporting. As we know, today, computerized crimes are on a rise, it has also accelerated the process of crime reporting and detection.

All internet users can be traced with specific IP address. If programmed wisely, all websites can keep track of surfers by recording their IP addresses, location and time of visit. If an offense is done by a user, then it can be easily tracked down to the exact computer from where it is done. Emails can be monitored by use of spam-filter software. By using email messages, SMS, instant messages, and telephonic call the communication process is enhanced, while instant notifications can be sent about any incident. Auditing software, backup drives and system logs (including routers, intrusion detection system and firewalls) are used to enhance security.

When a computer system in the network is affected then all the damaged files are kept in record at safe place for further investigation. In addition, in order to enhance the retrieval process and detect the criminals it is important to keep data back ups on large back up drives, record IP addresses, track patch history, version of OS used, administration control of website, keep records of passwords and usernames and other important surfing activities (Computer crime reporting). User information can be collected by switches and data service units and by implementing following security procedures,

Tracing IP address

Media Access Control (MAC) address

OS Version

Patch history

Server physical location

Security implemented

Port assignment

Services and ports

Responsible administration

Data backups

Close any active script (if applicable)

Closure of all unwanted or unused switches and ports

Switch Port location (switch name and port number)

Instant system support

Outage impact and maximum allowable outage (MAO)

Instant emergency contact number must be available for administration and technical purpose

With the above mentioned techniques criminal reporting and detection can be made much easier. Patch history, switch port location, operating systems can trace down the criminals. Well implemented system support and emergency contact number are very useful for immediate reporting of criminal activities.

Hacking or computer break-ins are not associated with few computer geniuses anymore. Since any average internet user can easily learn the ways to get into other’s computers or websites. However, this can be handled with implementation of some complex security measures.

Computer crime has proved to be a threat to thousands of working organizations. Information system can record and store more data than the paper system can ever do. Dangers to its security are of high concern as computer criminals on the loose can alter or damage the data available completely and permanently. The invention of microchips and portable computers and laptop has even made hardware theft easier (Garson).

The emergence of Information Technology in the world of today has been without a reasonable doubt, revolutionary. The use of computers, satellites and cable has penetrated different professional fields and has become an integral part of their system. Be it the field of medicine, engineering, accountancy, banking or any other, everyone has been affected by the coming of information technology.

Information technology has surely brought computer crimes into our lives, but it is only with information technology that we can counter it. Inventions of anti-viruses softwares, firewalls, password protection and other security measures are a deterrent to such crimes but more needs to be done as the computerized crimes have reached an overwhelming stage.


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