Advancements and industrialization

Cleaning up of urban areas that have been experiencing environmental pollution has been very important for the British government. The changes in the urban renewal policies have been motivated by the need to preserve and conserve the environment in and around the urban areas. Technological advancements and industrialization have led to environmental pollution through materials and chemicals that are introduced into the environment. The need to develop and implement urban renewal strategies that prevent environmental pollution has promoted radical changes in the renewal policies.

Britain as a developed nation has an obligation to prevent environmental degradation or pollution that has continued to affect millions of people. Due to the negative impact of environmental degradation in the urban areas on the environment and people, Britain’s obligation to environmental conservation has led to radical changes in the urban renewal policy. The policies have given more weight to environmental conservation even as the global community calls on all developed countries to reduce pollution that contribute to global warming or climate change.

Urban planning in Britain has put into place measures that will prevent environmental pollution. In addition, the policies advocate for penalization of those who take part in pollution. Sustainable development of urban areas is very important. Development that goes hand in hand with sustainability has been encouraged all over the world. Urban areas are growing and expanding at very fast rate, where buildings and infrastructure have been built and constructed in efforts to expand urban areas.

The ever- increasing urban population has been putting pressure on the existing social amenities and this has made it necessary to increase the number of facilities required by the high population. Expansion of urban areas though beneficial to a nation and its people, is also disadvantageous. Natural resources and environment are overexploited to allow urban areas expansion, and this demands for sustainable development of urban areas. The British government is committed to sustainable development of its urban areas. This commitment has promoted the radical changes that Britain’s urban renewal policies have been undergoing .

Environmental issues have been forced to the top of urban renewal policies in Britain. Based on the urban areas’ development plans, housing and good local environment act as stepping stone to an overall healthy environment. One of the ways through which urban renewal policies have embraced changes is by recommending that before any construction of buildings and infrastructure is done, an environmental assessment needs to be carried out. The assessment will evaluate whether it is sustainable to establish new structures in the urban areas. By so doing, the policies have been promoting sustainable development of urban areas.

Conclusion The development of urban areas all over the world has been in top gear for the last 30 years. Britain in the last 60 years has experienced great urban areas development due to the need to provide facilities such as housing to the ever-increasing urban population. Development has demanded that urban areas undergo revitalization to improve the living conditions of the urban population living in deprived areas. Through the urban renewal policies, nations such as Britain have been involved in efforts to renew their urban areas. The radical changes in policies aim at meeting the needs of the urban population.

Annotated Bibliography

Ferguson, N. Empire; The rise and demise of the British world order and the lessons for Global power. Basic Books, 2004 The book gives a narrative history about the negative and positive impact of the British Empire. One of the things that the British Empire did was to colonize and rule. To do this, the Empire required to use firearms that they it was able to access due to industrialization. The industrialization in Britain had attracted a large number of people to the urban areas. The promotion of trade and consumerism by the Empire contributed greatly to urbanization.