Adult webtoons

The meaning of webtoon is the online cartoon ,and a number of Koreans are enjoying to read them ranging from teenage students to mid-aged individuals. The webtoon started to proliferate by leaps and bounds along with the spread of smart phones and tablet PC. The sensational webtoon is the kind of side-effect caused by the rapid growth of webtoon market. Today,teenagers are easily exposed to those suggestive cartoons. I conceive it is because of the easy adult certification process and the advertisements forwarded by Social Networking Service,e-mails,mobile messangers and so on.

According to an article in Chosun Daily,a female student was astonished when checking her portal site emails;as soon as she clicked an e-mail from a webtoon site,the pictures of suggestive cartoons emerged. Most of these pictures showed the female and male getiing entangled one another and the woman exposing nearly her naked body. “I was so shoked and displeased to receive such e-mail from the site that I have never visited before.

But,It seems common to be given that e-mail nowadays because some of my friends received the same. “,said the student victim of this problem. Being exposed to sensational cartoons online,whether we want or not,is not fair and unreasonable because it is detrimental to our mental health and is the action to ignore our human right not to encounter them. What is more,the simple adult confirmation procedure is making this problem worse. In principle,the youths are not allowed to access to audult sites.

However,they can readily watch lots of audult things by signing up and certifying that they are adults within a short time. It is because all they have to do for such access is to fill their email address,name,gender,and birth date. To solve this issue,the role of goverment is considered importatnt. It needs to oversee and manage the online utensils like SNS and mobile messanger in uploading some suggestive materials. By doing so,it can prevent the circumstance for juveniles to watch them regardless of their will.

The goverment should introduce the more systematic and complex system to control the access of youths to adult sites,in addition. Under this strengthen measure,it can stop students from having an access to audult cartoon websites. It is lawfully unfair and wrong for large cartoon corporations to spread and dessiminate suggestive webtoons widely for drawing more subscribers. Thus,they have to be punished severly so that other enterprise in the same field can learn lessons from their punishment.