Adopting a Unified Data Platform (UDP)

Adopting a Unified Data Platform (UDP) is essential to managing, accessing and exploitation knowledge, no matter scale and source; it will generate insights and build worth that’s otherwise inaccessible. knowledgeintegration features a clear money principle by boosting returns, each from higher sales and lower unit prices. As regulated utilities struggle to grow their earnings, a favourable IT result may be the distinction between flat EPS and a fabric increase – to the advantage of the share value.

For Utilities the implications of knowledge growth area unit wide-ranging. immense amounts of knowledge area unit already processed across multiple systems, severalof that – because of inheritance organisational and technology amendment – area unit obsolete and fragmented. CIOs ought to raise themselves whether or not their current knowledge strategy will each manage this – and is ready for the formidable knowledge management challenge of the not therefore distant future.

Some utilities area unit well ready for this knowledge over-load and savvy best to deploy it to their advantage. Others can struggle. during which class would you – altogether honesty – place your utility? do you have to steel oneself against these major changes currently instead of later once serious deficiencies are so much tougher to rectify? The integrity, quality and accessibility of electronic knowledge, area unit all crucial to the united kingdom utilities sector with its large client base, in depth regulative needs and high public profile.

However will your utility score on these 3 knowledge fundamentals? however ready for demand facet amendment, organisational amendment and new regulation is your knowledge strategy? will your business have the flexibility to create use of client knowledge, infrastructure knowledge, business-to-business knowledge and social media in an exceedinglycohesive, constructive and profitable approach. Or does one suffer from dead finish knowledge syndrome – storing essential knowledge that’s neither sure nor accessible representing solely maintenance cost? after you increase demand on your IT infrastructure however quickly and faithfully can it respond?

Central to meeting this challenge is that the adoption of a United knowledge Strategy (UDS), that is best outlinedas follows: ‘A unified knowledge Strategy could be a corporate-wide business operations and IT strategy that co-ordinates numerous knowledge management disciplines, knowledge varieties and systems. Hence, that knowledge is managed, in step with enterprise-wide goals that promote and deliver technical efficiencies and support strategic, data-oriented goals.’