Administration operations

Report to, and provide statistics for the company board about the effectiveness of existing administrative practices. In most companies a large proportion of the staff work directly with or have access to computers. The role of the information and communication technology function is to promote effective exploitation of ICT and to provide the guidance, support and co ordination necessary to accomplish this objective. The administration team are very important because they service the work of the organisation.

In many companies each department will have its own clerical and support staff but large firms will have a central office that is responsible for controlling key aspects of the firms paperwork, filing, companies mail, word processing and data handling facilities. In order to produce professional documents of events it is essential that all documents are accurate and give out the right message. It is essential that all documents are produced using the correct tone and are produced to a professional standard.

In order to meet the criteria of this unit I have been required to take on board an administrative role. I have produced professional documents, which have been sent out, and I have been required to be an effective team member. Communication has been important aspect of this project and I have been required to communicate both verbally and in writing Working as a team Teamwork is when a number of people join together to work on a specific project or event. When a team gets together it is essential that roles be allocated in order to prevent situations where one person works harder than others.

You do not need to like the other members of your team but you need to work together so it is essential that you are professional at all times. Event though my group are friends we found it very difficult to decide on what event to organise. Within our group we had some very strong characters and some people had strong views on how and what to organise. It took us some time to decide on what event to organise but in the end everyone was happy with the decision made. We are all working well together as a team and no problems have occurred.

However if conflict did arise it would need to be addressed and discussed in the group so a compromise could be made. Problems within a team situation need to be resolved quickly as failure to do so would affect how the team operated, jobs would not be completed on time and some may be forgotten completely. Health and safety at the event All employers have duties under the health and safety legislation. Your starting point is to prepare a health and safety policy statement. By law this statement must be in writing if you employ five or more people.

If you employ fewer than five people you must still comply with the legislation, although the law does not require you to show a written policy document. Writing a health and safety policy statement, regardless of the size of company, is recommended for several reasons. It enables you to set standards which will reduce accidents and cases of work-related ill health. It demonstrates your commitment to planning and health and safety. It shows your employees how seriously you take issues relating to their welfare.

For an event we decided to arrange a guest speaker and the event would take place at city of Sunderland college, Bede Centre. We decided that the event would take place at Bede Centre, as this is where our college course takes place. We firstly decided that the event was to take place in the college hall but it does not have access to PowerPoint and the guest speaker had requested the use of a computer for the presentation. The guest speaker was to bring handouts to give to the students relative to the information that was spoken about in the presentation.

The room that was booked had relevant equipment. Human resources There were 85 people in attendance at the event. There will be no charge for the students to attended the talk as we thought the it would be an interesting subject for the students to have a talk about. We arranged a guest speaker by confirmation in a letter and follow up telephone calls. Evaluation of the event For this event we had to organise a guest speaker. The group consist of Victoria A, Gemma B, Rachael B, Claire B and Rachael O.

After a meeting with the group it was decided that we should organise a guest speaker. We decided on this event because we thought that the students would take an interest in it. Following our event several very positive aspects have been highlighted: * Experience of organising an event. * Experience of working in a group. * Valuable work documents. * External communication (organising the guest speaker) * Verbal and written communication. * Experience organising rooms etc. * Plan work early to meet deadlines.

It was very difficult to arrange the event because the group had a lot of different ideas, there was a change of plan from our first idea to organise a fancy dress day at college to having a guest speaker to come into the college. We changed the event because trying to organise the fancy dress day was difficult. In order to organise the event we had to decide on the event itself. We had to decide the venue, and what sort of paper work we were going to use e. g. memos, letters etc. We got people who attended the talk to fill in an evaluation form and what they thought of the event.

Evaluating an event is a good way to see if it has been successful. If the event is not successful there is no point in repeating the exercise. Evaluation is very useful for an administrator as they highlight good and bad points and relevant action can be taken. If I were to do the assignment again I would plan my time better . I would plan each section and have that section completed before going on to something else and make sure deadlines are met. The aim of this assignment was to organise a successful event, I feel that this has been achieved.