Administration department law

In Tesco there are different departments that carry out these roles however in a sole trader the owner has to do all these jobs single handily. The aim of the administration department is to make sure that the stores run efficiently, this links with the Tesco aim, which is to retain loyal customers. This is because if Tesco's stores are clean and running efficiently then Tesco are giving the customers what they want therefore making the customers happy and loyal to the business. The process of the administration department is to collect, process and store information. This process is used to make things run more smoothly. Below is an example of this process in action:

If there is a fire in store then the administration department collect the data about where the fire happened, how it occurred and how many injuries were there. The administration department would then process this information to make sure that a fire like this doesn't happen again. They would then store this information so that they have a record of this information. Tesco and the sole trader must always display rules for internal and external customers.Tesco train and update there staff on the health and safety rules; they also update their records so that they know where each employee is at each time. A sole trader does not have as many employees as Tesco so is not able to do what Tesco does.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is fundamental to any food store and Tesco must always stay clean to make sure that the food they sell does not get contaminated.  Tesco keep their stores clean by making sure that their employees are allocated to certain sections within the store. Tesco must always keep a router so that they know what sections each of their employees are covering. Keeping a router is important for Tesco because if something goes wrong in a certain section then Tesco knows whose responsibility it was.

Tesco must always keep an update of random store checks to make sure that each of the stores are keeping the same amount of cleanliness within the store. This is fundamental to the success of Tesco because if Tesco are clean then they meet the needs of the customers so retain their loyalty, which is Tesco's main aim. In a sole trader the cleanliness of the store is important but the owner has to do all the cleaning up himself this is because the owner does not have that much of a big store for him/her to clean. Tesco also has repairing teams in their store, this is so that if any shelves are broken or anything is loose within the store then the repairing teams can come and fix these problems.

In a sole trader the owner has to fix everything himself this is because the owner is the only person within the business the he/she is not responsible for so if the owner gets hurt then it does not matter. In Tesco there are also teams that deal with electricals, decorating, water problems etc.. but for the sole trader he must call in outside companies to do these jobs. This therefore means tat it costs the sole trader more.

The list above shows that the sole trader has much less expensive ways of securing his store it also shows that the sole trader has to go through much more effort to secure his store whereas Tesco has certain department which make sure that security is up to standard.


For Tesco the clerical department is important because it allows Tesco to get down to the main work without worrying about doing the little jobs like, photocopying, typing, store paper work. The reason for this is because in Tesco they have department that do this work for them. 

How ever on a sole trader the owner has to do all the clerical work by himself as his/her business is not big enough to have department that do this type of work for them. Overall the administration department helps Tesco to run better and is fundamental for Tesco to achieve their aims as it allows Tesco to give the customers what they want.

Customer services

"Creating value for customers to earn their life time loyalty" this is what customer service at Tesco is all about? Tesco has been at the forefront of the retail revolution they have gone all out to meet the needs of customers. The ways that Tesco has revolutionalised retail shopping is by introducing non-food products, Internet shopping organic products, having everything under one roof. Not only does Tesco care about what is going on inside the stores. They also focus on helping charities, which shows customers that Tesco cares. The charity that Tesco are focusing on this year is Tommy's baby charity.