Adi Shankara. Industry

1. All students must go for industry training for one week and complete the training before 8th july .

2. Students must identify the company.3. Not allow any computer centers like (niit,focus etc).4. Send the company profile as well as two staff members of that company contact details.

5. Not allow any excuses for this(like lab exam ,any other training,not in kerala etc)

6. Beware that this training has university marks.

7. Send the details according to rollnos wise to corresponding staff members: ON OR BEFORE 21/06/13

1. IerinMiss (Rollnos 1-24)[email protected] Sumesh Sir (Rollnos 25-48)[email protected]


Regarding the submission of INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT –

1. Number of Hard copy – 02 copies (one for student copy ,one for dept copy)

2. Before taking spiral show it to staff members above mentioned to verify.

3. Prepare the report accordingly shown below.

4. To submit industrial training according to the mentioned format shown below: –

• Font: Times New Roman• Font SizeTitle 16-18▪ Heading – 16▪ Sub – Heading – 14▪ Theory – 12• Footer page numbering▪ Show page number to all the theory pages▪ No page numbering is given to certificate page, declaration page, acknowledgement page, company profile, certificate page, content page. ▪ Total no of pages must be between 30 to 40.

• Spiral Binding

5. Last date for submission of report July 8th (no liable for dates)


➢ Front Cover➢ Declaration➢ Acknowledgement➢ Company Profile➢ Certificate of Training➢ Table of contents➢ Technologyo Introductiono History and Featureso Application/Usage➢ Modules of Training➢ Daily Diary➢ Summary