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lsaflsjdflacebook addiction is a smaller offset of Internet addiction or internet overuse. When Facebook addiction comes into play it’s mainly due to the amount of time spent on Facebook and nothing else. An over dependency or dedication of time to Facebook is no different than internet porn addiction, gambling addiction, or online gaming addiction.

Facebook As Addiction

There have been several studies in the psychological field that explores the existence of Facebook addiction. Academic findings have classified Facebook addiction under the greater umbrella of internet addiction disorder or IAD as it meets several of the qualifications listed. C

auses For Facebook Addiction

As is the case for any other form of internet addiction, Facebook addiction can be attributed to depression among other things. According to Dr. Kimberly S. Young, addiction to Facebook and other internet activities can cause stunting of social interaction, psychological functioning, and work ethic. Another reason explored is social anxiety and insecurity. Dr. Cecille Anderssen—who led the creation of the Bergen Facebook Addiction Scale—mentioned that Facebook allows socially insecure people to communicate easily as there is a good deal of distance than in person.

Other Forms of Social Networking Addiction

Former social networking rival MySpace had a similar addictive nature prior to falling out of favor for Facebook. Emerging rival Tumblr has the same addictive nature as Facebook. In a recent interview, the founder of the social networking platform stated that users spend roughly 14 minutes on it, compare that to Facebook’s 11 minutes. What Makes Facebook Addictive