Adaptability and Taking Initiative in an It Industry

Studying the importance of competencies of Adaptability and Taking Initiative in an IT industry and also the degree of difference between the importances attached to both Abstract This paper aims to study whether the competencies of ‘taking initiative’ and ‘adaptability’ in a management graduate are considered one and the same by a person working in an IT industry or if the two differ. A research was conducted by putting forth various questions related to both the competencies to people working in the IT industry and the results were analyzed to check if the competencies were treated the same or differently by the respondents.

The figures proved that both the qualities i. e. one of taking initiative and being adaptable are given varying degree of importance and hence treated as separate. KeyWords: Competencies, Initiative, Adaptability, Information Technology Introduction ‘Information technology’ is defined as a service which encompasses all possible aspects of information systems based on computers. Both software development and the hardware involved in the IT industry include everything from computer systems, to the design, implementation, study and development of IT and management systems.

Information Technology is one of the most important industries in the Indian economy. The IT industry of India has registered huge growth in recent years.. In the last ten years the Information Technology industry in India has grown at an average annual rate of 30%. Some of the major reasons for the significant growth of the IT industry of India are – * Abundant availability of competent manpower * Reduced telecommunication and internet costs * Reduced import duties on software and hardware products * Cost advantages * Encouraging government policies

Every industry requires workforce with different set of competencies in various proportion. Same applies for the IT industry as well. Looking at the very first factor i. e. availability of competent manpower, we consider the various qualities that may be required in a management graduate aspiring to work in the IT sector. a. Organizational awareness b. Initiative c. Adaptability d. Customer centricity e. Teamwork f. Achievement orientation g. Leadership h. Decision making i. Analytical thinking j. Problem solving k. Result orientation

Amongst the above mentioned qualities the paper mainly focuses on 2 of the above i. e. Initiative and Adaptability. Initiative An initiative is defined as an introductory step or movement, an act which originates or begins. In IT industry the job assigned is usually divided into sub-tasks and done in a team. Thus it becomes necessary to take initiatives for any kind of sub-tasks rather than pushing it on to other team members. Also one important feature of an IT job is to work under strict deadlines. So to meet deadlines it becomes essential be pro-active.

To what extent is this quality expected in a management graduate is demonstrated by the results. Adaptability Adaptability in the business sense can be defined as the ability to learn from experience and also to change ones’ plan of action as per circumstances. The technology on which the IT applications are built keeps getting updated and hence for a person to remain in the competition it becomes important to continuously adapt himself as per the latest software and ever changing of the clients. Again as per industry experts what importance is given to this quality is demonstrated by the results.

Research Design The research was conducted to understand the requirement of above mentioned competencies in a management graduate across various sectors. A questioner was built up consisting of multiple set of questions for each competency to be analyzed. A minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 questions were taken for each competency. The questionnaire was designed on a five point Likert scale. Some of the questions in the questionnaire were reversed so as to capture the casualness displayed by the respondents, if any. The same was filled in by professionals across various sectors and age groups.

Out of the various sectors and the competencies this paper looks at the IT industry. While conducting the data analysis the null hypothesis made was that the competencies of ‘Initiative’ and ‘adaptability’ (in a management graduate) are perceived as same by the IT professionals and hence given equal importance. The analysis would check if the said hypothesis made is true or false and if false what is the probability of it being false. The alternate hypothesis here would suggest that both the competencies are viewed differently are hence are measured differently for a management graduate