Activities of terrosrism

The issue of refusing entry on the basis of origin has heavily been criticized by many. There have several cases where people from certain regions have been denied entry on the pretext of being more prone than others to activities of terrosrism. Religion has also played some role as far as this issue is concerned. There are some quarters who feel aggrieved due to the treatment that has been accorded to their people.

Muslims feel that they have been the target of some of the stringent measures adopted by the government in the course of controlling entry to America. They have criticized the way some policies have been implanted calling them discriminatory. Despite the criticism that have been directed to the stringent policies and laws put in place by the United States government it is worth noting that they have played a big role in moving towards the right direction. Without these measures perhaps more problem than imagined would have been experienced.

The issue of illegal immigration and influx of people posing as refugees is a real security threat which warrants the kind of attention the authorities have given. If the policies are further strengthened, in the near future America will be safer for all. (Cafferty, P 1983 209) It is important that we ensure all those entering this country have met the eligibility criteria so that we can avoid the issue of security threats we have witnessed before in this land. This can only be ensured through implementation of policies and laws which have been adopted.

They may not be popular with some of us but they serve the interest of the majority of Americans who would like to see this country prosper just as it happened during our forefathers who came to this nation in such of greener pastures. The measures put in place are enough to address all the problems posed by immigration. They clearly address the issue and at the same time appreciate that immigration made America what it is today. If the dreams of the majority are not safeguarded, then this nation would be in much problem.

There is a need to further strengthen the laws so that those wishing to come to America are not locked out due to issues that some see as discrimination. The laws need to serve all so that the dream of equality can be fulfilled. Addressing the shortcomings of the immigration policies and laws will satisfy those who feel that their rights have been infringed and at the same time help in strengthening the government efforts to control immigration into this country.

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