The Act of Education of Individuals with Disabilities

This Act which was previously referred to as the education for all handicapped children calls for availability of appropriate and free education in a place and an environment where the students are not very much restricted into the centers and an environment where the children are able to be catered for depending with the individual needs of each of them and especially all the handicapped children who are eligible.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act requires Individualized Education Programs (IEP’s) for each child by all the public school systems and all the specific special education needs as well as all of the related services should be outlined in each of the individualized education programs and should be able to show all of the needs for each individual student. The Act mandates for specific procedures in the development of the individualized education programs to be followed and each of the individualized education programs of the students must be developed by a knowledgeable persons team and it should also be reviewed in every year.

This team should be comprised of the teacher for those students and their parents subject to some limited exceptions, if it is determined as appropriate, the child should also be present, there should be a representative from an agency and the person should be qualified to supervise and provide all of the provisions of special education, an also there should be an individual present from the parents agency.

If the parents of these disabled children are not in agreement with the education programs which have been individualized depending with the need of each of the them, they can arrange for a hearing to take place regarding the needs of their children and how thy want them to be and they should also ensure that there is a review by the educational agency which is available in that particular state and the decision which may be made by this educational agency can also be appealed by the parents in the hearing at the state or the federal courts of the government depending on how they view it and how they feel it may impact on their children www.

ed. gov/about/offices/list/osers/osep. There are various recommendations which have been made to the federal government so that the effectiveness and efficiency of the ADA can take place, one of the recommendation is to improve and increase efforts in educating employers, local and state government officials on ADA.

Second recommendation is to provide string leadership from the ADA and state house, third to develop, better and develop methods regarding reasonable accommodation for people with problems such as mental conditions, learning and developmental disabilities, fourth is to develop alternative methods to resolution of disputes and speed implementation and enforcement of ADA and finally provide larger staff in department of justice and the equal employment opportunities commission so that the investigations regarding discriminations can be done at a faster rate (Spechler, 4).