Act 1985 & offences

Whilst Marsha did not consume her alcohol in the car nor did she become intoxicated before she entered the football stadium she did knowingly enter the stadium with alcohol in her possession. She therefore committed the following offence: 2 – (1) "A person who has intoxicating liquor in his/her possession" (b) "while entering a designated sports ground at any time during the period of the sporting event. " She should have also removed the bottle from her bag if she intended not to drink it in the stadium.

In keeping it but not drinking it she falls subject to section (3) (a) "a bottle, can or other portable container capable of causing injury" She would be found guilty of the offence. Eric and Devon both chose to drink Marsha's cider during the football game and in doing so have committed yet another offence. As they both drank the cider during and in direct view of the game they have broken and committed the following offence. 2 – Section (1)(a) "at any time during the period of a designated sporting event when he is in any area of the sports ground which the event may be directly viewed.

" Devon whilst he may be drunk has not committed an offence, as going to an athlete's stadium while drunk is not illegal. They are not required to pay any admittance and the athletes are not competing for anything other than a reward. As defined here 9 -interpretation: (6) This act does not apply to any sporting event (a) Where all competitors are to take part otherwise than for a reward and (b) where spectators are admitted free of charge.

It is worth noting that while offences were committed Marsha, Devon and Eric upon entering the stadium are not liable as they entered the football ground one hour before the designated period, Defined in 9 interpretation (1) and (4). All others after this time are committing an offence if applicable. Here I have explored and answered each of the questions presented to me and have used the relevant information and acts to provide a relevant and clear answer.


Box 3, Extract from the sporting events (control of alcohol etc.) Act 1985 9 Interpretation.