Absolute monarchy

An absolute monarch is a ruler whose power is unlimited. I think it’s a Good way to rule content or a country. Absolutism is political theory and form of government where unlimited, complete power is held by a centralized sovereign individual, with no checks or balances form any other part of nation or government. In effect, the ruling individual has absolute power, with no legal, electoral or other challenges to that power. There is absolute monarchy is a monarchical form of government in which the monarch exercises ultimate governing authority as head of states and head government.

Absolutism is a good way considering Spain, France, and Russia. Absolutism and Spain. Philip II took the throne from 1519 to 1556. He was a strong catholic. He enforced unity and fought reformation. He believed in divine right promoted golden age in Spain. He made a golden age to Spain. In 1605, don Quixote by Miguel Dcruantes is published novel marks the birth of modern European novel . Spanish empire had weakens are inflation weakens are Spain's economy . he gave taxes to the lower class prevents development of middle class. Philip declares bank rupture three times due to weak economy .

after the war against England Spain's empire declined . and that how absolutism was good at Spain. ouis XIV, a Slavic emperor (czar), took absolutism to extremes by claiming himself as a servant of God, known as the “Divine Right of Kings. ” This encouraged absolutism. People believed that when you claim the “Divine Right” you power comes directly from God. The French obeyed the Czars orders, fearing that if they didn’t, God would punish them. Louis XIV was known as the “Sun King,” due to the fact that he took the Sun as his symbol.

The Sun was the center of the Solar system, as Louis XIV was the center of French life and he is necessary to the survival of France. An event which symbolizes his importance and reflects absolutism was the “La levee. ” The “La levee” is a ceremony that occurs in the morning as the Czar rises. At night the ceremony is repeated but in reverse. Nobles competed for the privilege to assist the king, which showed utmost authority over them. By showing his importance through actions and ideas, the French obeyed Louis XIV ordinances leading up to him becoming an absolute power.