Abortion Argument

Do you know which solution is for birth control? Today, the world’s population is on the increase. Some people think that abortion is the good way to control population. Many people think that abortion is not a solution, it is a crime because an unborn child is a human also and abortion will make an end of his or her life. Thus, abortion should be illegal for women’s health, moral, and medical purpose. Abortion underwent a long period history. It was accepted in the 1820s, after that it was banned in 1965 all fifty states in US.

According to Jone (Susan) “abortion was an unsafe medical procedure for women, endangering their health and life” (Abortion History). This is what people think about abortion at that time. However, they agreed with abortion in some especial cases to save mother’s life, “in cases of rape or incest, or if the fetus was deformed” (Abortion History) and doctors used many methods to stop women’s pregnancies. The pregnant woman can take medicine or undergo surgery to end the pregnancy, depending on her situation. The law for abortion changed thought many history periods. Now, abortion is legal but it is still an argument.

Not to mention the fact that abortion can increase the risk of cancer. Along with that, maybe a woman who has an abortion will be in trouble when she is ready for next pregnance. In some bad situations, the death can still happen with mother too. (The Dangers of Legal Abortion). In addition, goverment did not tightly control of the health and safety of women who get abortion. Accoding to Kelly “The government has very few requirements and regulations when it comes to informing women of the immediate and long-term dangers”, so women have to be very carefully before they decide anything in abortion.

Someone have said “Decisions … some are small and some are very big. Some 1 don’t affect your life at all . Others have consequences you must deal with the rest of your life”. (Abortion Information You Can Use). It was not only health problems, but also moral. Moreover, killing an unborn child is incorrect in any situation. It is crime and irresponsibility. According to pro-life group, The Pro-Life Action League, a nonprofit pro-life organization, said the comment on its website, ProLifeAction. org, in page “Where We Stand” (accessed May 27, 2010) that ending the life of an unborn child is incorrect in any situation.

It just avoid responsibility, the hard and complex relationship”. (Abortion ProCon. org. ). This group stated that killing an unborn baby is crime and irresponsibility. It is also immoral. Let thinking about adoption instead of abortion. According to abortionfact. com, if you are in adoption, “your baby will be happy with mommy and daddy, you can think about your baby’s life, you will have memories of your baby’s face, fingers, toes, eyes and smile”. If you are in abortion, “there is no baby to think of, no smile, no little fingers or toes to remember, just a guilty feeling about killing your baby”.

Consequently, there always are others choice for women who want abortion. And another thing, abortion is wrong in medical purpose because doctors are working to save people’s lives, not to kill baby. Moreover, according to pro-life group, “The original text of the Hippocratic Oath, the oath that doctors traditionally take when swearing to practice medicine ethically, forbids abortions”. They mention that the oath of doctors were apposed by abortion. Finally, abortion should not be permitted in any situation because it is a danger to women’s health, immoral, and the wrong of medical Ethics. 2.