Аailure of the winnepeg workers strike, 1919 – role of government

The Winnipeg strike was initiated by the labors in Canada. There is a major demand for the recognition of the union and better labor conditions. During the century,  a situation is in existence that no fair labor legislations and employer will recognize the union at option of the employer or through the strikes The employers rejected to negotiate since the employers did not recognize their identity. I want to analyze this topic. Because the strike was initiated not due to the fault of laborers but the employer’s negligence and poor legislation for which the workers forced to go to strike.

The media played very excessive role during that stage perhaps it may be supported by the local politicians and employers and major exposure was given to mitigate the strike. And a committee was formulated to counter strike and making the allegation that strike is conspiracy of foreigners. But later on it was cleared that strike not caused by conspiracy but it was caused due to that State has not provided sufficient assurance to the labor. It seems that the media played role beyond its level, which caused to failure of the strike.

I want to expose the media role and to take the findings of Royal Commission report. The main role was played by the government to mitigate the strike with the support of the counter strike committee and political help. The workers are threatened by the government actions such as amendment of criminal code and immigration Act. With these efforts, the workers afraid and thereby withdraw. I want to make analysis that intervention of government is not correct. Instead the government can force the employers to accept the demands since their demands acceptable.


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