A Statement of Interest

The Master in Public Policy (MPP) program I believe will provide me a good conceptual framework and skills that I would need in fulfilling tasks as a public servant or in government office. The program will provide me a better understanding of public administration and its application. The core requirements of the program which are built upon strong foundations in three methodological areas: analysis, management, and leadership are relevant in one’s pursuit of a successful career in public administration. Given my background as stated in my resume, my exposure to public service is relevant in this field.

I have the important background to pursue in this course in order to further serve the public. My exposure to different activities that involve public service is in line with the program. The program, I believe will prepare me to face unfamiliar challenges in the field of public service, which is to conceptualize framework to better serve the people, asking the right questions, to determine the nature and dimensions of problems, looking for possible solutions, and to assess the capability of institutions in fulfilling public services.

My objective is to be better equipped in my chosen field through this program. This will help me become more familiar in handling factors and issues related to public administration. Being part of the government I serve, the knowledge I will be possessing is relevant to the quality of service I must give. This will help me become more skilled in finding solutions to problems that beset us today.

Actions that I may take will be in line with the values that I may be able to develop along the way as I go through the program. This will help me learn how to guard resources within and outside an institution; also to monitor and polish policy that were being established; and lastly, to provide relevant leadership that will generate success to this generation.