A report by The Crown Prosecution Service

I had to find answers to the questions that were constantly coming up in my head; how the accident happened, was it a case of an attempted murder, if yes then who did it and what was the motive behind it. When I was told to be in charge of this case, the first thing I did was ring up Miss Sara Smethwick. I got her phone number from David Smiths mobile phone; he had 7missed calls from Miss. Smethwick on the night of 19th May 2004.

I wanted to ask Miss. Smethwick about the relationship she had with Mr.Smith and what kind of a person he was. I needed to figure out if Mr Smith's death was murder or an accident so I went to Hope hospital to find out who was the paramedic who checked Mr. Smith before he passed away. I needed to figure out if Mr Smith's death was murder or an accident so I went to Hope Hospital to find out who was the paramedic who checked Mr Smith before he passed away. I have also been to the University of Salford as Mr Smith had his student union membership card on that night.

I went straight to the head of Mr Smith's department and asked if he could recognise those in the photographs and I also approached some of Mr Smith's class mates as well. I also rang up the Dental Surgeon to ask if Mr Smith made the appointment on the 20th of May 2002 at 10. 15am. FINDINGS: I proceed on the findings of Mr Smith's by first interviewing the individuals who were definitely associated with My Smith. An interview with miss Sara Smethwick( Mr David Smith's Fianci?? ) Question: I believe David Smith is your fianc , what kind of person do you think he was and when last did you actually see him before this accident?

David was really nice, generous and caring, he is always every concerned about everybody he knows therefore I personally don't know understand the reason why someone would do this to him. David and I went shopping on the 19th of May to get some clothes for the party later that night. It was my best mate's 21st birthday party but David had to leave at about 3pm after dropping me off at my house because he was going for his dental appointment at 3. 30pm. He said he will be coming back before 6pm which he didn't, so I left for the party thinking h would join later. * An interview with Professor James Heraly, David Smith's head of Department.

Question: What was Mr David Smith behaviour like on campus and do you recognise any one in these pictures? He was a really polite and determined student; I didn't have any problem with him at all. Most of those individual in this picture are David Smith's friend and his girlfriend, Tracy Barlow. * An interview with Mrs Tracy Barlow(David's girlfriend) David came to pick me up at about 3. 30pm on the 19th of May, 2004, and we went shopping and we had something to eat. Although, we had met up previous days for the same reason but at my new flat which I was planning to move into after me divorce.

He left my house at about 7pm because he said he was going to a friend's birthday party and he said I couldn't come him when I asked. Does your husband know that you will be giving him a divorce and his he aware of David being your new boyfriend? Well, yes because we talked about it when he came home late last night since his being gone for three days on night shift because he's a doctor so he's obviously aware of that but am not sure if he has seen David before because like I said he's usually not at home when David comes around to the house.

An interview with Dr Charley Barlow(Tracy's husband) Question: Have you ever met man in this picture or do you even know him from any where? No, am sorry I don't think I have ever seen he before or maybe I just can't remember. Dr Barlow, are you aware that your wife will be giving you a divorce? Well, am aware of that but am not bothered because am in love with my profession more then any body right now and if she's not happy with that, then she can leave. Where were you on the 19th of May 2004 between the hours of 7pm till 6am on the morning of the 20th.

I was the hospital. CONCLUSIONS After all my investigations, research, interview and finding, I will like to put all this in a simple conclusion, Dr Charley Barlow was not in the hospital that night because he was seen on a shop's security camera near David Smith's house checking on him and then followed him slowly as seen on the camera. Dr Barlow must have followed him to the party and seeing that he had already have a girlfriend and also wants to take his wife away from him even.