A Personal Statement

The legal system is a multifarious system affecting as it does the every aspect of life of every individual. It affects freedom and liberty to the do certain things. Likewise, the legal system is most felt among prisoners who are not necessarily wrongful in their acts but are declared guilty by courts for some errors or laxity on the part of their counsels. The latter is one thing which many people not knowledgeable about the law are inquisitive about.

Furthermore, the legal system affects human rights involving victims of human rights violations from all walks of life particularly the less privileged individuals who have no choice but comply the illegal, stupid and wrongful orders of their superiors. There are quiet a lot of irregularities that can be observed in society which are beyond explanations without understanding the language of the law. With these, a study of the law and the various case laws is proper. Experience is telling a lot of learnings in our daily struggle. However, I do not find the same sufficient in understanding the various aspects of the law.

My personal encounters of stories of persons deprived of their freedom of action have been arisen to so many questions. Spouses of some persons placed in jail have confessed the non-involvement of their husbands or wives of the crimes for which they are accused of, nevertheless, they are placed in jail and punished for the crimes they have not committed. Advocates of the law opined that court prosecution does not only involve questions on whether in truth and in fact an accused has truly committed a crime, instead, it also deals in procedures to be observed in the court during litigation.

This is a complex process affecting the liberty of individuals which must be critically addressed. Another important observation affecting the freedom of action among people is those affecting human rights violations. Many people from poor countries, that is, the third world countries often choose to travel I foreign countries to obtain menial jobs. As much as their fate do not grant favorable condition in life such as opportunities of professional and high paid jobs, they become victims of different forms of human rights violations.

These persons are often left without remedy and are left unattended in their plight. With my pursuit in understanding the law and having been an advocate in the fight against human rights violations, it is my personal opinion that my study of law in your university could be the best way for me to be able to be truly of service to the community, especially to persons who rights of liberty and freedom of action have been violated. The oppressed are entitled to the protection of the law which our law advocates have been fighting for.

They are the ones highly deserving of protection and attention. Further, in my pursuit of undertaking law studies, it is my desire to take part in various organizations catering to the various needs of the oppressed and victims of human rights. I have had encounters with them personally and understanding their plight does not simply mean listening to their cries and woes, but more importantly to provide them with legal assistance over and above their needs for food, shelter and clothing.

Among the victims of human rights violations in third world countries can be seen the true impact of the legal system on them. Their survival has been relying on giving them what they are entitled to under the laws; and understanding the laws in general may help them aggrandize their status in life. More importantly, the usual victims of human rights violations who may be prisoners or freeman, need free legal assistance as their means could not permit them to avail of the legal services per se. It is my desire to be such an advocate.