A Fundamental Right

The Fourteenth Amendment provides for an equal protection clause (US Constitution). Based on the said clause, no one should be deprived of the basic rights accorded to other citizens. People belonging to the same level or class should be treated equally. Nobody should be above the law and nor be more entitled to a certain right. The equal protection clause only stresses that in the eyes of the law, everyone is of equal rank, no distinction between the rich and poor neither is there a distinction between the affirmatives nor the oppositionists.

In this regard, the application of the freedom of speech, a fundamental right, should be vested with equality. It should be granted to those who favor it and even to those who go against it or use it for ill purposes. The freedom of speech is a fundamental right and it cannot be taken away out of desire or angst against a certain group; there must be a collective action from the people in order to reclassify it as a basic right. Through the freedom of speech people are granted the privilege to express what they feel towards the people and the government.

The granting thereof does not mean that it will only be used for the pleasure of people. Man was created to think and to express his opinion and not merely to keep quiet and keep to himself what he thinks. It is through the freedom of speech that people learn from other people and realize their mistakes. If a certain group of people will be deprived of this right then how could they ever express their rationality? They will remain to be puppets and merely adhere to what law makers or the judiciary would want. It is tantamount to cutting off their tongues.

In addition, making a distinction among the people who are entitled to this right would open the gates of inequality and abuse of power. Moreover, there are more humane sanctions for the violation of this right than entirely removing it. If criminals and killers are given a chance of reform and the presumption of innocence then why would those who are only expressing themselves and exercising their rationality be accorded the same consideration? Work Cited US Constitution Amendment 14. US Constitution. Retrieved January 23, 2009 from, http://www. usconstitution. net/xconst_Am14. html