A Divorce Attorney Helps Couples During Their Marriage

A divorce attorney helps couples during the process of ending their marriage. The following functions are carried out by a divorce attorney:

A divorce lawyer provides guidelines on how to come up with a good separation agreement. With his help, the married couples can to generate an agreement that suits each of them. The divorce attorney then introduces the rules to be followed by each the couple.

One of the issues during separation is who will get custody of the kids after the marriage has been dissolved. In most cases where the couple disagrees, the case is taken to court. Each spouse is evaluated to find out who can take good care of the kids and the best spouse is given custody over the children. Through the help of a divorce attorney, the couple are represented in court and the case can be listened to in court and settled.

With a decision of who will be the custodian of the children made, there may arise an problem on how the children shall be raised. The divorce attorney helps come up with a solution on how the kids will be raised through child support. Child support can be in many forms, for example, the children’s basic needs like fees, food and clothing.

In cases where a spouse earns more than the other, he/she is required to share with the other spouse. The alimony is paid based on the agreement made. The divorce attorney is a determinant in determining if the alimony is needed and how much should be paid. One thing to note is that alimony is paid until the occurrence of something, like loosing a job.

A restraining order is one of the decisions that can be made in the court against a spouse. During a divorce trial, a restraining order is a decision made to protect a spouse, children or any other family member. This order is mostly issued if a spouse is found violent, for example if the mother harassed the kids or the husband abused the wife. The divorce attorney plays a vital role in identifying the type of protective order to be issued.

Property division is also one of the areas that a divorce attorney’s services are required. During the separation process, the law allows equal sharing of the wealth the couple immersed. This wealth referred to means the wealth acquired by either spouse during their time together till separation.

For equal division of the family property the divorce attorney is required to find the couple’s net worth for equal division.