The new process for managing priorities in Volkswagen of America is successful

Use three phase plan on choosing the right project to fund. They created high-level business architecture. An IT steering committee composed of senior business and IT would guide and approve the process of IT project selection. There are three plans were created, first, calling for projects, communicating process, second, formal project requests from business units and third transforming business unit requests in enterprise goal portfolios.

The new process for managing priorities in Volkswagen of America is successful. The new system of prioritizing IT projects to decide funding is very efficiency. It is the way to ensure those projects that are critical to business strategy and meet their financial requirements. Nevertheless, the idea of drop the goal portfolios basically because they ranked lowest in the list, and it is could be the weakness in the system, and one that could be detrimental to business unit integration slowly over time.

They could control the process well during the decision and reduce the future detriment. The budgets are controlled well by Volkswagen of America. The new budgetary constraints drove Matulovic to this process. The new process for managing priorities at Volkswagen of America is an important step on their right direction as far as improving upon the old way decisions were made. It is seems orderly, rational process would replace what in the past had sometime been haphazard. The creation of the business process, Technology and Organization (BPTO) team and the Program Management Office (PMO) was the key in having organizational entities responsible and in control of the whole process. IT expense will be kept under control, as well as schedule and cost overruns.