Ted Bundy

The world has many known serial killers and for one reason or another they become famous because of the awful crimes that they commit against man. The media reports the killings and then the writers and producers make the television shows and movies. The media feed off the society and the enjoyment of killings. A psychiatrist would in turn say that in some form we all have a dark side but that some of us choose not to act on those feelings and others choose to feed their hunger for killing no matter what the cost, because in some way they feel as though they are invincible and will not be caught.

Serial killers feel that if they do get caught they have an end game just in case. Ted Bundy was a very educated man and very handsome man. He was the guy next door that you could bring home and introduce to the family. “A discussion of Ted Bundy has become a standard feature of almost every popular and academic book about serial murder. ” Ted Bundy was connected to at least 36 murders, now this man clearly could have kept killing had he not been caught.

Ted Bundy began killing because his heart was broken by a young lady. Before that he was an everyday, ordinary, good looking guy that had everything going for him. This one incident tore him up so severely that he could not recover from the devastating effect. If all the men in the world did what he did over a broken heart then there would be no women in the world at all. That does not say a lot about his mindset and how easily and quickly he let his thoughts overtake him and begin killing women the way he did.

Due to all the media attention that he received he became a well-known and popular serial killer that actually had a following of young women who did not care about the crimes he committed they just wanted to be a part of his life. The police had a hard time finding the person that was committing these heinous crimes and ultimately is was a traffic stop that was Ted Bundy’s undoing, which was very ironic since he was probably going to kill another woman at that night.

Now on the other hand you have someone like Jeffrey Dahmer, he was not as charismatic and he did not have a good education afforded to him like Bundy, and he also ate his victims. Now society looks at the two men as being criminals because of their crimes, but being human, people liked Bundy better than they did Dahmer. Bundy is the guy that you look at and say “I can’t believe he is a killer”, and Dahmer is the guy you can say “I knew there was something about him. ” The media plays a big part in how we view serial killers and what opinions we have of them.

We show favoritism towards the man or woman that is a serial killer because of the sob story that has shaped them to be the person they are and we want to have empathy for them. First impressions are very lasting and for the ones who have the sob story and good looking would be seen as the wrong guy, but for the ones who look like the Jeffery Dahmer’s of the world those people are crucified in the media. Society has to learn that the old saying is true, you cannot judge a book by its cover, just because you can bring home a guy for the family does not mean that you still should not keep your guard up at all times.