1970 Study Guide

Section 32. 1- The way Nixon's approach different than domestic and foreign policy than the Democratic Presidents that came before him are , Nixon was the first of Presidents to visit China by visiting China he insured relations with other world super powers instead of isolating the's nations . Nixon and Henry Kissinger(national security of state) , had this plan realpolitik ,to make Communist China and Soviet Union against each other it helped the United States becuase the two sides were intimated by each other .

Unlike other democratic Presidents Nixon finally had relations with these two world super powers. Domestically Nixon was not as favored or better than other democratic presidents because he was so parioned with the media and social issues happening in America at the time . Section 32. 2 - The Watergate Scandal was so damaging to America society because , this scandal involved an American President for the first time. There probably was scandals in the white house , like this before but none of them got caught . For the first time Americans couldnt trust there President.

This is the person you look to , to do right and he's being accused of a scandal and it led to President Nixon being recommended to being impeached. The Watergate Scandal still indeed still has an effect today in 2013 , the American public was in shock it changed the view on the people of the goverment and the view of politics . American voters declined due to the Watergate Scandal nobody had hope in politics after Watergate. Section 32. 3 - Most people refer to president Carter's Presidency as a faliure , the factors that lead to this assessment are : Carter failed to reach out to Congress and alienated congressional Democrats .

President Carter focused on the energy crisis which he helped but at the time the country was facing a econmic slump , he did nothing really to take America out of this economic slump. The ecnocmy became worse where Carter had no plan really to help America , by 1980 inflation had climbed to nearly 14 percent , the highest rate since 1947 . America was first place in standard of living and during President Carters presidency it was fifth place. Furthemore , because President Carter inability to solve the economic downfall , led to the reasons why he was seen as a faliure in the White House.

Section 33. 1- Some of the characteristics of the new goverment that began to build up in the late 1970s were the size of the federal goverment and reduce spending . Promote family values and patriotic ideas , the lowering of taxes by reducing goverment regulations and national defense strengtened. The reason the emerged as the majority by politcs in 1980s because , the conservative groups formed networks and were for the people it dedciated to bringing back traditional values . Section 33. 2 - The 1980s are often referred to as the "Reagan Revolution".

The name "Reagan Revolution" fits because , of his economy policy ,his ideas for foreign policy and tax cuts . Section 33. 4- After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 United States foreign policy , United States now became in charge with the Soviet Union down they became the worlds super power . The United States provided economic support to the capital and democratic nations . Now that this happened to the Soviet Union , this led to the United States in completing goals and polices . Section 34. 1 - Historians often evaluate Presidential administrations .

The Clinton Administration was not that long ago , President Clinton presidency was very successfull he entered when America was in an economic recession which made the people uneasy about the future. His presidency was successful in many ways he created a new democratic party , he wanted the health care reform ,reforming welfare and balance the budget . He had different foreign polices , than any other president he also new how to work with congresss and to help the people he was the new hope for America .