New Jersey is a huge city where the presence of law is reasonably

The frequency of criminal cases is low is in the process of being minimized. There are numerous schools, parks and shopping malls and businesses catering to the population. The city is peaceful and has a clean environment.

The surroundings are safe and are protected properly.  There has been a general level of self-satisfaction in the neighborhoods and the crime rate has remained pretty low. However, due to the rising inflation and futuristic uncertainty, businesses are finding it hard to survive in the competitive markets and it has become impossible for middle-class citizens to survive in the expensive environment. The needs of the people are not fulfilled and are out of reach for some people.

The people are lost in their problems and do not care to even spend without need. Money is the motto of each citizen. Inflation rate has reached the skies and this has made people insecure about their future. To keep their future secured people are trying to save money, but the problem arises of the daily expenses which they incur and are out of money by the end of the month. This is the reason there has been a rise in the crime rate in the city with numerous street crimes leading the race. These street crimes include non-functioning of traffic rules, road robberies and the most important mobile and car snatching(Crime and Law Enforcement, 2008).

These crimes have been rising up to an extent and the local law enforcers find it difficult to control the up coming situation of the city. New Jersey, a well known city where trade is practiced, businesses are run effectively, people have money in their pockets therefore the ratio of crimes has shooed up very quickly. People while coming out of their house have no safety for their accessories and expensive material they carry with them. People are very confused to how to save their important and expensive material. They contacted with the law enforcers agency and briefed them with their problem. They even asked for permanent solution for this problem(Crime and Law Enforcement, 2008).

Although the rate of inflation is rising throughout the world therefore crime rate has increased everywhere but it has been covered up to a great limit by the law enforcers in those areas but he law enforcers of New Jersey are pulled-up and are showing slow performance due to which the public has to suffer(Crime and Law Enforcement, 2008).

These problems have solutions which can last for a longer period of time but have to be discussed and to be talked over at which will in detecting the real cause behind the problem(Crime and Law Enforcement, 2008). The local administration has been constantly wiring the local superintendent on the issue and there have been several high-level meetings to discuss the issue of the efficiency or rather lack of it and the measures to counter it, but the results are still pending. This clearly points to a problem faced by the law enforcement agency, that they are very slow in taking a decision toward solving an agenda.

There seemed to be several issues dominating but when the problem was analysed carefully only a handful of issues were found to be behind the problem. The main issue leading the problem was of the miscommunication among the two parties. The law enforcers were unable to get up with the mobile snatchers. This had increased day by day and it lead to crimes such as killing of innocent people, kidnapping etc. and the atmosphere became dangerous (Crime and Law Enforcement, 2008).

These issues were discussed with the General Inspector of the law enforcement agency but could not be solved. Mr. Ben, Inspector general of the law enforcement agency was adamant about increasing the quantity of fire armed men deployed by law enforcers and did not want to pass the proposal for increasing the amount of them at the moment but, Senior Inspector Mr. Roy Paul was against this idea and proposed to send the number of fire armed men in the city to control of the peace. Another major problem which incurred in the delay of the solution to this problem was the mismatch of the duty schedule of the officers(Law Problems, 2008).

The duties were not made properly and clashes were observed every now and then in the duty timing and this lead to the delay on reaching the crime spot which again could be solved inside the agency and this could be ever-lasting (Law Problems, 2008).

The lack of direct communication between two people belonging to different hierarchies is the major problem encountered in the scene. The classic communication distortion occurring in the previous example displays how lack of direct communication can lead to perception differences which can lead to decision making problems (Broad, 2008).

Some of the strategical changes that the law enforcement agency of New Jersey should be looking forward to are the changes in the hierarchical communication. More direct communication and interaction should be brought in to enhance performance and make decision power quick, long-lasting and efficient (Broad, 2008). The main problem that exists in this agency is of vertical and horizontal communication.

The agency should be looking at a long term strategy involving communication programs apart from the general flattening of the organizational hierarchy so that it allows more communication and information sharing which will lead to a higher rate of criminal containment and reduction in the crime rates. Duties when scheduled should be made properly with no errors encounter, and they should be clearly understood by the officers (Broad, 2008). This will enhance the agency and road crimes especially mobile and accessories snatching would decrease.

Questions1.       What is the main problem faced in New Jersey?

The main problem faced the city of New Jersey is the snatching of expensive accessories and mobiles on the spot by the use of weapons.

2.        What remedy did the law enforces think to take over the situation?

The remedy which they thought was to place more fire armed men in different spots and make a tight, flexible and schedule without any kind of errors for the officers to help them perform their duties without any delay.

3.       What was the situation of the crimes in the neighboring cities?

The situation had had gone bad but the law enforcers did a quick operation and came over the hard times.

4.       What was the main issue which led an increase in the crime? (Broad, 2008)

The main issue was the miscommunication among the local police and the law enforcers which led to a devastating issue which was to be solved on the spot.

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