Communication of any warning signals

Communication of any warning signals or commands to alert staff and students of emergency responses; Code Blue= Practice (Active Shooter/Intruder/Bombthreat) Code Red= Actual (Active Shooter/ Intruder/ Bombthreat) Evacuation and fire drills have no codes, Code Green= all clear followed by have a nice day Establish and state visitor policy/ procedure; Visitors who need to enter the school need to sign in and get a visitor pass. Protocols for master key and code distribution; Administrators, Security, Custodians. No one else to have a Master Key.

School building must have a school administrator toolkit; We need an administrator Toolkit Each classroom must have emergency response guides Thy currently have an emergency packet, with evacuation information, contact information and red and green cards, pencil, etc. BERGEN/ PASSAIC ARTS & SCIENCE CHARTER SCHOOLS BOMB THREAT PRODURES *In the event of a bomb threat, the school will NOT immediately evacuate! The possibility of a bomb scare or other similar emergency is a reality which must be prepared to cope with should the problem arise.

The following is review of procedures for dealing with such emergencies: RECIPIENT OF CALLS Immediately initiate the call trace procedure: Engage the caller in the conversation if at all possible. Extend the conversation by utilizing the delaying tactics or conversation i. e. , “I can’t hear you. ” Where is it located? ” “Why are you doing this? ” or “What time will it go off? ” Make note of exact words, type of voice, sex of caller, or other identifying characteristics, background noises. Report the call ONLY to the Lead Person, School Director or Project Coordinator/ Dean of Students.

Course of action will be determines by the Lead Person, School Director or Project Coordinator/ Dean of Students. Do not alert or discuss with any other secretary, person or student. Discontinue use of cell phones. In case of imminent or obvious danger, do what a responsible person would do under similar circumstances. RECIPIENT OF BOMB THREAT BY EMAIL Save the email and print a hard copy Contact an administrator and NO ONE ELSE ONLY an administrator will announce the “code” phrase over the intercom When the code is announced- CALMLY CHECK YOUR ROOM.


A collaborative decision will be made between administration and police regarding the evacuation of the building. If the police are called- they are in control. If an evacuation is necessary you will be notified via the intercom. You will be instructed to follow the ON CAMPUS or OFF CAMPUS evacuation procedures. Fire alarms should not be used during a bomb threat. BERGEN/ PASSAIC ARTS & SCIENCE CHARTER SCHOOLS CATASTROPHIC INCIDENTS An administrator will determine course of action. Students and staff must be kept at safe distance from incident. Students, if outside, should be taken into the school. An administrator will call 911 on an outside line. Follow the FIRE DRILL procedure if building is involved and needs to be evacuated.

An administrator will direct further action as required. BERGEN/ PASSAIC ARTS & SCIENCE CHARTER SCHOOLS Suicidal Threats/ Attempts 1. Notify your School Director, Administrator immediately so an evaluation can begin. 2. Check that parents/guardians have been contacted regarding the threat or attempt. 3. Identify students who may be affected. 4. Services will be determined by appropriate school personnel BERGEN/ PASSAIC ARTS & SCIENCE CHARTER SCHOOLS A student should be released from school only to custodial parents or guardians after checking identification.

If a student is missing from school or a parent reports that the child has not returned home, follow the following steps: 1. Notify a building administrator. Administrator will attempt to locate student in building. The parent/guardian listed on the student’s emergency card will be called. Determine if student is a “walker” or “bused”. If bused, contact school secretary and/or central office to determine who the bus driver was and ask if he/she transported the student. 2. The local Police Department and the Lead Person’s Office will be contacted. 3. When the police arrive at the school, they will take control and work closely with school officials.

4. Do not release any information to the press. Refer all press calls to the administrator in charge. BERGEN/ PASSAIC ARTS & SCIENCE CHARTER SCHOOLS Fire Drill Procedures Each room has a designated route to follow – please know the route in each classroom you teach! When the fire alarm sounds: Close windows Get the Emergency packet Lock the Classroom or office door Close the classroom or office door KEEP STUDENTS QUIET WHILE EXITING BUILDING IN CASE OTHER INSTRUCTORS NEED TO BE COMMUNICATED Take emergency contact packet Staff on duty in cafeteria MUST take the speaker/ bell/ bullhorn from the food service office in the kitchen.

Be advised that attendance information may be requested at any time during the drill Attendance/ Guidance Secretary should exit the building WITH daily attendance information Main Office secretaries should assist visitors in exiting the building and bring the sign in book Fire Marshals should check bathrooms and exit the building

All non-teaching staff and support staff should exit the building as per the exit instructions in their area and assist staff with crowd control Keep all roadways CLEAR Keep students under control at all times UNASSIGNED STAFF MUST EXIT THE BUILDIGN, CLEARING ALL ROADWAYS AND ASSIST WITH CROWD CONTROL. NO ONE RETURNS TO THE BUILDING UNTIL AN ADMINISTRATOR ANNOUNCES THE ALL CLEAR TO RETURN Please be sure you are familiar with the routes of ALL the classrooms you may be teaching in. BE PREPARED FOR BLOCKED EXITS- PLAN AHEAD OF TIME WHAT TO DO.

BE ABLE TO LOCATE ANY STUDENT IN YOUR CLASS AT ANY TIME! STUDENTS WHO DO NOT REPORT TO YOU OUTSIDE OR FAIL TO RE-ENTER THE BUILDING SHOULD BE REPORTED TO THE BUILDING ADMINISTRATION. BERGEN/ PASSAIC ARTS & SCIENCE CHARTER SCHOOLS GAS LEAKES/ HAZARDOUS MATERIAL ACCIDENTS Gas Leaks Gas leaks are identifies by an odor similar to rotten eggs. If a gas leak is suspected, do the following: 1. Notify an administrator 2. DO NOT OPERATE ANY LIGHT SWITCHES OR ELECTRICAL OUTLETS 3. The police and fire departments will be contacted by the administrator 4.

The Maintenance Operations supervisor will be contacted by the administrator 5. If necessary, the building will be evacuated by activating the fire alarm system. Use established evacuation plan and open windows in immediate area to diffuse gas 6. The lead person’s Office will be alerted 7. Do not reenter the building until officials say it is to do so New Jersey Natural Gas 1-800-436-7734 Hazardous Material Accidents Move away from spilled material Contact Building Administrator Police and Fire Departments will be contacted by building administrator

BERGEN/ PASSAIC ARTS & SCIENCE CHARTER SCHOOLS LOCK DOWN PROCEDURES Intruder/ Active Shooter BE ADVISED- LOCKDOWN WILL ONLY BE USED IN THE EVENT OF AN INTRUDER IN THE BUILDING: General Notes: Statistics have been proven that an intruder will more than likely be a student of the school under siege. The likelihood of an intruder presents the greatest risk at the high school level, next at the middle school level and then at the elementary school level. An administrator will most likely be the person announcing, “This is a LOCKDOWN”.

Be advised that whoever initiates the lockdown will be the same person who announces the end of the lockdown. THE COMMAND CENTER WILL BE THE MAIN OFFICE. In the event of a LOCKDOWN: Staff should gather as many students as possible from the hallways outside their classroom and usher them into the room. CLOSE/ LOCK DOOR. DO NOT OPEN THE CLASSROOM DOOR UNTIL YOU KNOW THE LOCK DOWN HAS ENDED Staff on duty in the halls will collect students who are in the halls at the time the announcement is made and accompany them to the closest classroom or shelter.

The shelters that have been identified at the school are Classrooms School director and project coordinators offices Nurses room These areas have been chosen because they can be locked Students who are already outside the building should proceed to the evacuation site. Monitors, Counselors, CST members, and administrators will check the bathrooms, and accompany students to the closest classroom or shelter. In the event of a power loss, bullhorns/ megaphones are available in the administrative offices and cafeteria.

Be advised that an administrator or other teacher may open your room with their key to usher in stray students. BE SURE THE DOOR IS AGAIN LOCKED. Move students to the safest spot in your classroom away from doors and windows. Use students to assist you in moving furniture if necessary. NO ONE LEAVES THE ROOM. Turn off lights and computer monitors/ projectors. Disregard ALL bells- THIS INCLUDES FIRE ALARMS. NO CELL PHONE/ COMPUTER USE by students or staff. Tell students to be sure all cell phones are OFF. Staff is instructed NOT to use cell phones or computers/email.